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Skin types Dry
Age 44
"love it"
i'm 44yrs old and this one was my first time using a vitamin c... this was wonderful to use morning and evenings. not to strong that it burned or caused irritation. but it still did have a slight tingle... i did keep in the refrigerator.
Skin types
Age 0
"one of the best brightening serum!"
I have been using this vitamin drop for almost 2 months everyday now. my acne scars/spots lighten!! I been using this vitamin drop together the vitamin E mask everyday twice a day. love it... I ordered my 2nd bottle of vitamin drop and the E mask after just using it for 2 weeks with seeing great result. this serum really way better than Sk2 genoptics spot essence. (after using 2bottles of sk2 spot essence, not seeing result... I gave up!)
Skin types Combination
Age 26
"Best serum ever!"
The best vitamin serum I’ve ever used! Have tried many before but this is amazing! Moisturizer my skin and really improves its tone but whiteout the irritation others caused. I do recommend it!
Skin types
Age 0
"Did not work at all"
After finishing using the whole bottle, it did nothing! I'm surprised as I had high hopes for this... oh well...
Skin types Combination
Age 26
"My skin loves it!"
This product does exactly what it says it will do! my skin is glowing, I have had major acne issues for years and it left my skin with dark marks, uneven tone and discolored all over. it was embarrassing and annoying honestly, but this product has changed that. it has reversed years of damaged to my skin in about a months time of use.

I use this product with the freshly juiced Vitamin E mask (which is also a must have),and these two together are the perfect team against acne and dark marks.
/ 5
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