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Skin types Combination
Age 19
"Great Product"
It works great for a light exfoliation on days when you decide to not exfoliate and it’s amazing for lightening your skin tone and scars. Many of my old scars are almost unnoticeable now. It you use a lot it may be a little bit irritating on some spots but it is usually very mild
Skin types Combination
Age 27
After I stared to use this Vitamin C drop, my skin brighten quite a lot and my dark spots faded away. Really love it and recommend!
Skin types Normal
Age 17
I loved this vitamin c serum so much! Before purchasing it i informed myself on what to use to brighten the skin and all I saw was this product.
I fully understand why everyone loves it as I love it myself and I already re-purchased it!! Can definitely recommend!
Skin types Normal
Age 28
"Love it"
I noticed a huge difference on my skin textur, even other people are noticing my skin. I would definitely recommend this product, it has so many positive reviews and I am definitely going to repurchased.
Skin types
Age 0
"This product is lovely."
I absolutely love this product! I've already gone through 3 of these (soon to be 4). It's a very nice texture and leaves your skin looking refreshed and glowing. However, if you are looking for a vitamin C product to help you get rid of dark spots, I don't think this will give you the /fastest/ results; but with that being said, I have noticed some lightening of scars on myself.
/ 5
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