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"Great product"
This is my second bottle of this product. I have a deep skin tone and it has worked well to fade my dark spots. They have no totally gone away, but I don't have to use color corrector with my foundation anymore. This product works well in combination with the Vitamin E mask.
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I really love it. It's soft and doesn't leave my skin oily :)
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"Самая лучшая очищающая маска"
Отдельное спасибо за лопатку
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"I like it"
I've been using this for a month and half and I love the extra shine it gives to my skin. It suppose to fade acne marks and it does but not as good as my black soap. I used a different cleanser that wouldn't fade my small acne marks to see if the serum works and it created more shine to my skin. So I'm all for that and will probably buy again just for that melanin glow.

It's nice but I could live without it and if I find another product replace it I will do so because my castor oil gives my skin a glow as well.
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"Not sure"
I have oily-combination skin and I'm not sure about the effects on this brightening serum. When putting it on it feels very oily on my skin. However, it absorbs quickly into the skin and does not leave my skin oily at all.
Still, after one month of using this serum I do not see any brightening effects. To the contrary: I feel my skin gets darker everytime I put this on.
I only put this on before going to bed to let it work throughout the night to avoid the sun ray-attracting vitamin c in it to darken my skin. But havent seen any brightening either.
It does leave my skin moisturized but I also feel like the texture of this serum is a bit "heavy" on my skin.
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