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Skin types Combination
Age 13
"Great product but..."
I really enjoyed using this product because it has many great properties, but it is very sticky on my skin. Besides that factor, I enjoy this nice top coat on my skin.
Skin types Normal
Age 32
"i like it but..."
i like it but my skin brake out... it's a shame cause it really does the job.
Skin types
Age 0
"My item was not delivered"
I placed my billing and shipping address in my profile. I ordered merchandise for 46.15 after applying a voucher and my items were shipped to this random person who was supposed to be sending me the merchandise. Is this stealing? I have called that individual and left a voicemail. I have emailed wishtrend. I Have my phone number on my profile, so if there was some honest mix up, I would have received a phone all from this individual who has my package ( who also mailed it out) stating she needs my address, or there has been some mix up and instead of mailing it to me she mailed MY product I paid for to herself. But i did not receive a call and instead I kept tracking it baffled as to why it wasn't coming until i confirmed today it was in fact, shipped to the person who was meant to mail it out. I am waiting for a response before I edit this review. I am one unhappy customer.
Skin types Combination
Age 24
"New packaging isn't good"
I love the cream, other creams have broken me out but not this one! However I can't stand the new packaging, it's really hard to get all the product out when you get to the end, and the thickness of the tube makes it difficult to get the amount you want out at a time. It's quite a cumbersome tube. Would be better if the tube was thinner or if it was in a pot like before.
Skin types Sensitive
Age 24
"Good product, not amazing though. "
I use this every night. I find it helps with my acne and it doesn't irritate my skin. All around it its pretty good. I've ordered it a couple of times but I kind of miss the old packaging. You can't see how much is left in this one.
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