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4.9 4.9
Skin types Combination
Age 23
"good cleanser"
When I first started to use this product, I started to break out. I however stuck with it for around two weeks, and then started seeing better results. I believe the initial phase was this cleanser drawing out my impurities!

This cleanser is now my cleanser I use before I go to the gym. It is as such because I feel like it really cleanses my face, and controls my oil production right after. Hence a good cleaner, that is if you cleanse your face before doing an activity in which you sweat :)
Skin types Sensitive
Age 26
"one of the best cleaner ever"
I have a very sensitive skin with a lot of redness and blackheads. This cleaner is pretty awesome. I use it both in morning and night routine. This cleaner leave my skin very clean and smooth. After a few uses, i can notice that it reduces my blackheads without any bad skin's reaction, like other cleansers. I love it so much.
Skin types Combination
Age 31
"Very good"
I got it in the Wishbox and was surprised I loved it so much. Even after a few days of use this is definitely a keeper. Light, strange texture, foams up nicely - removes dead skin without irritation or redness. Skin is fresh and very smooth after use. Love it.
Skin types Dry
Age 30
"CHICA Y CHICO Hatching Foam Cleanser is one amazing cleanser"
I really loved this cleanser. It instantly brighten up my skin, on my very dry skin it removed dead skin without being harsh and surprisingly it did lighten the discoloration i had around my mouth because of extreme dryness. However it did not remove the black heads on my nose. The texture is smooth and pea size amount is enough to create leather and cleanse face thoroughly.
/ 5
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