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Skin types Combination
Age 20
This is by far the best COSRX product! It really does help with calming down those red, inflamed acne and fading discolouration and redness. It has a rich consistency and leaves a very obvious white cast, so it's better to use it at night as an overnight treatment.
Skin types Oily
Age 16
"Best Acne Treatment!"
I have been using this cream for a few days and the results are amazing. It might seam crazy to say that this cream is in fact amazing, in such a short time of using it but this cream is one of those products, you know, the kind that works instantly. 10/10.
Skin types Oily
Age 29
As I expected by COSrx products this is a amazing and very hydrating cream. I love it and help me with the skin barrier when I made chemical exfoliation
Skin types Combination
Age 27
"new fav!"
I wasn't hoping much when I first try this cream but I'm glad I did. I use it as a spot treatment and area where I get acne the most which is around my chin area. I use it at night or when I'm at home because it is too thick and it doesn't absorb easily.
Skin types Combination
Age 31
"Ridiculously good "
This product is ridiculously good. I purchased this locally, not on Wishtrend. It's been sitting in my drawer for a month before I finally took it out to use about 5 days ago. I didn't start on it because I was using 6 other pimple treatments, one from USA, one from Japan, three from Korea, one from France. And NONE OF THEM made a real difference but I persisted to give each of them enough tries... ie. I finished 50% of each product. I finally decided that I've had enough of them and opened up this Cosrx Blemish Cream to try, somewhat half heartedly because I've used numerous Cosrx products before (Pimple Pad, AHA, BHA, Returning Sol) and none of them made a significant improvement.

But this product. I'm speechless. I took photos of my breakout before and every day after. You can see a drastic change with every photo. It is DRASTIC. Brownish old pigmentation lightens. Fresh pimples flattens. Redness goes away completely or turns light brown, or, reaching the recovery stage, CRYSTIC pimples goes down and stops hurting. I don't know how it makes my cryptic pimples stop hurting. Is there some numbing ingredients inside? I'm even a bit worried that the ingredients may be so strong that they might be killing my good cells as well in some unknown way. But that's probably my paranoia speaking.

Before I end this post, I'd like to share my successful "recipe", maybe it could help someone like me. I suffered from sudden onset and persistent breakout that didn't go away for more than half a year. It was driving me crazy.

My recipe is very minimal.
1. Makeup remover ANY TYPE (if you don't wear makeup then skip this)
2. Cream / milk based cleanser (this serves to remove makeup residue)
3. Foaming cleanser (any will do. It doesn't matter at all. Buy a $2 foam making pump and just use any $2 drug store facial wash)
4. Klairs Toner (possibly any other pH adjusting toner works but I happen to be using this now)
5. Vitamin C Serum (again, any brand likely is fine. I'm using T'IAM C Source 20%)
6. COSRX Centella Blemish Cream (I get a big full scoop and dab it in bit by bit in all areas with breakout, which is 70% of my face, I keep dabbing until the white cast more or less disappears. There is a very disturbing looking white cast to this product. No need to worry. Just keep dabbing. Dab, don't rub.)
7. I actually end it at step 6. However, actually ending here makes me feel rather dry. I stop here because all that dabbing wears me out and by this point I'm usually ready to sleep or put on my makeup. My makeup is very dewy so it provides enough moisture anyway. You can probably apply a night mask or cream based moisturiser at this step if you can summon enough energy to do so.

Ok I'm down with my absurdly long review and I REALLY HOPE that someone else gets fantastic results by following my "recipe".
/ 5
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