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"Great but not suited for me "
I can see why people like this and I agree with them that it cleans my skin and polishes it but it was too drying for me. If you have dry or dehydrated skin, this might not be for you. I will try the moisture up pads, hopefully, they are as effective at cleansing and toning but not drying.
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"Alcohol is too strong "
This product is a cleansing pad alright, but there's really strong alcohol and it's not good for the skin. As I was using it to clean my makeup, it started stinging my eyes even though my eyes were closed. I did not know there was that much alcohol and was deceived by all the good reviews and label when purchasing it, so I ended up throwing it away after one use. I feel like it's such a waste, but it's harming my skin so I have no choice but to toss it.
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"not enough results for the price"
Definitely didn't feel irritated or sensitive after using, which was good, but after going through a whole container and not seeing much of a difference in my acne (some cleared) was disheartening. It did help prevent my skin from getting worse, though.
Skin types Dry
Age 44
"new favorite"
omg....this is such a great one. i added this to my soon to be teenager son and it has made it easier for him. i also use it on my daughter who has sensitive skin. they both could see how dirty their faces were even after washing. it does help with the keeping the breakouts away.
Skin types Combination
Age 17
It helps me to controle sebum production but i didnt notice any difference in controling my acnes.I hope to se results in future.
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