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Skin types Oily
Age 25
"Miracle vit c serum"
I have an oily and achne prone skin and lots of achne scar marks, after hearing about this product and positive reviews, i order through online. First, i was a bit worried whether the result will be different on me, as it is the first serum that i use, but then, after 1 week of using it i can feel, see the positive result on me. It was such a happy moment.It helps me regain my self esteem.
I recommend it to all my friends
Skin types
Age 0
mild toner
Skin types
Age 0
I love this product! Leaves my skin smooth and definitely is helping my skin to rejuvenate. Love it!
Skin types Normal
Age 22
"I've bought this before"
Truthfully my skin is very sensitive and i was reluctant to buy it, but when i got it I was positively surprised and happy with the results. I ordered it again because I could see a clear improvement on my skin, if you're curious about, i think you should buy it, it lives up to the description and it's name. :)
Skin types
Age 0
"Meh "
I used to buy the old version or the other brand OST C20, but this one... I don't know if it's this specific bottle that maybe wasn't good but it made me break out like crazy and didn't clear the dark spots that I already had. However, as I said earlier I'm not sure if it wasn't a defective product, cause dome weird white dots would form all around the lid of the bottle even after being clean several times, which I founded really weird.
/ 5
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