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"Did not deliver results, surprisingly"
I bought this because it had a high concentration of of vitamin c which is meant to be good for acne scars, which is what I have, and it had so many good reviews... I'm surprised that after finishing using the whole bottle every evening after toner it made NO difference... maybe my skin is just too troubling?
Skin types Combination
Age 28
"It´s so good..."
I have four months using this serum.. i only have good things to say.. old acne scars started disapearing after the first two months.. my face is clear, no pimples!!
Skin types Combination
Age 17
i dont know what to say about this product but hate. This product made me break out so badly. I started using this at Mart and when i had break outs i stoped using it(i used it just once). Now,my break outs didnt calm at all. I am sooo disapointed at this product.I dont know what to do anymore,but my skin became really bad after this product. *cries*.
Skin types Sensitive
Age 18
I have been using this serum for about 5 months and it seems to work very slowly on my face. One day ago, I decided to try it on the back of my thighs because I have scars from ingrowns hairs and OMG! It almost all disapeared in one night?? I was so surprised since I've tried so many things and nothing worked. So this serum didn't quite work as well as other ppl for my face, but it worked wonderfully for my thighs. I will buy again. I also don't recommend applying it 2 times a day for sensitive skin, 1 time is enough and not everyday of the week. It caused me red spots.
Skin types Sensitive
Age 23
"I’m confused with this product"
I just bought this product in a share 5ml from other seller in my country, alongside with klairs vitamin e mask and the midnight blue cream. After i did 2 nights of skincare routine, i noticed a red bumps on both besides my nose and 2 cystic acnes on my cheek where i used to have a long time ago.. I don’t know is it because of this product, or the klairs but i’m very dissapointed og how it reacts my skin
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