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"Really good"
I use it to remove my waterproof make up and it is really good. I have combination skin and this product has been perfect for it!. I will definitely buy it again.
Skin types Combination
Age 33
"Can't leave without it"
This oil is vital for my daily skin routine. I regularly use it at night pre shower even if I don't eear make up at all because it helps my skin hydration while gently remiving all impurities.
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Age 0
"Heaven in a Bottle!!"
I was in need of a new cleanser and decided to try something different, i.e. an oil cleanser as I usually stick to foam cleansers. The cleansing oil is non-abrasive, incredibly moisturizing, and I believe a solid choice for acne-prone skin!
Skin types Combination
Age 18
"Gets the job done"
This cleansing oil was very effective in melting off all of my makeup, and it left my skin very moist. I also noticed a difference in the number of blackheads on my face after using it, which was definitely a plus. This cleanser also has a natural, yet subtle smelling scent, and my face felt really soft after each wash. However, after a few uses, this product began to break me out, and small bumps began to appear on my face. It's really a shame that it reacts poorly with my face because the product itself is actually very good and effective.
Skin types Combination
Age 24
"skin reaction"
It‘s actually are really good product! no smell and the make-up is getting off in seconds. The bad thing is that my skin always reacts to the oil
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