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Skin types
Age 0
I have the most sensitive skin ever. Almost everything leads to my skin burning or covered in a rash. This not only doesn't do that but it actually makes my skin look nicer. It's my favorite
Skin types Normal
Age 43
great hydration, light and pleasant. I love it. my skin brightening up
Skin types Combination
Age 26
It doesn't give you any immediate effect but you can really see your skin looking better after some time using it. I finished my first and want to buy it again.
Skin types Sensitive
Age 26
I heard about this from a Youtuber named Sharla (her channels are Sharmander and Sharla in Japan), and because she has the most luminous and flawless skin I knew I could trust her review. So far I'm loving it. It brightens and doesn't irritate my sensitive skin. This is definitely a new holy grail product.
Skin types Sensitive
Age 25
"HOLY GRAIL. Brightens and evens skintone!"
This. I don't write reviews with CAPITALS and try to minimise exclamation marks but THIS. WORKS. Give it a try! It does brighten up the skin tone and fades hyperpigmentation when used over time. The effect is so obvious that when I stop using it, my skin looks noticeably duller. Friends and family have commented my skin looks much clearer and I have that healthy glow. I will never stop using this product.
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