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"This product broke me out"
I really wanted to love this product because i heard such great reviews about it but i don't know if it's just me but this product broke me out pretty bad. My skin gets back to normal after i stopped using it.
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"It Really Does Work"
I bought it towards the end of 2018 because it said that it helps with tone balancing. I had a mild-ish problem with hyper pigmentation on my chin (and it was not getting better; in fact, it was getting worse) so I thought to give this a try. I have been using this for about 3 to 4 months, more or less, and I did not think it was working (because I rarely notice these things) until my mom pointed it out to me. She noticed how my skin improved and I immediately went to check in the mirror and I realized that my skin did look so much better. I would definitely buy this again and recommend to wait and see because the differences might take a while to be noticeable. Overall, I am happy with this product.
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I have the most sensitive skin ever. Almost everything leads to my skin burning or covered in a rash. This not only doesn't do that but it actually makes my skin look nicer. It's my favorite
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Age 43
great hydration, light and pleasant. I love it. my skin brightening up
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Age 26
It doesn't give you any immediate effect but you can really see your skin looking better after some time using it. I finished my first and want to buy it again.
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