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4.8 4.8
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"Great sunscreen, no white cast, very moisturizing"
One of my favourite moisturizing sunscreens! Love that it's not greasy and there's no white cast. Which that it came unscented!
Skin types Sensitive
Age 29
"It did the job"
I didn't use to care about sunscreen on my face ever until I got into skincare routines. This was the first sunscreen I tried. I have combination skin and sensitive. I was little nervous trying it out. After using it for a bit the results were okay. It went smoothly but it was a little thick for my taste. And having oily skin in some parts of my face I could definitely could feel it when using it. It did it job in protecting me from UV rays but it wasn't my favorite.
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"Fantastic combo"
This combo is fantastic. I live in a dry region and my skin is very flaky. This is combo of products is really good. I use everything at night. And then just the all over lotion and some sunscreen in the morning. Klairs has very safe products. I really wish they release their own sunscreen too. I am really looking forward to this combo being available again. I got the deep moisturizing black one.
Skin types Combination
Age 15
At first, the idea of using sunscreen seems almost ludicrous for someone who is rich in melanin but I had ordered Kenni J.D's skincare routine faves so I just decided that I might as well complete the entire routine. I admit, I was a little sceptical on just how dark the other reviewers were so I thought there would be a blue/grey cast on me but there was nothing - to my surprise! It looked like I hadn't even put anything on but it was also super hydrating (it's winter in the UK rn so you KNOW it's gonna be colder than other countries and super drying too) I can't stop touching my skin because it feels soft on me. I've never found an affordable sunscreen that has no cast before. I'm so grateful to Wishtrend.

If you want a reference on how dark I am, I would say I'm around Black Panther's sister's skin tone. Just a few shades lighter because of my yellow undertone. I am telling you, YOU NEED TO GET THIS SUNSCREEN IF YOU'RE BLACK OR ANY SKIN TONE - ANY SKIN TYPE!
Skin types Oily
Age 23
"does the job!"
I liked that it didn't break me out but it also didn't WOW me.
/ 5
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