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Skin types Combination
Age 18
"Pretty good"
I remmember myself several years ago buying this product. By that moment, I had never heard about COSRX, but I decided to buy this product anyway. And it worked for me, yes, it cleaned some of my blackheads. So I would totally recommend it!
Skin types Oily
Age 30
"More for Whiteheads than Blackheads"
I was intrigued by these silk finger balls, so I decided to give it a shot. They work better on scrubbing out your white heads, than they do for your blackheads. Not a huge fan.
Skin types Combination
Age 16
"IT works :))"
it works for me. I have only used it for one time but I can see the reduce of whiteheads on my noses.
Skin types Normal
Age 24
I was really intrigued by these little balls. Good thing is that they do exfoliate very very gently without any irritation. Sadly, they didn't really do anything for my blackheads but it did the trick for my other dead skin issues. Good amount of balls for the price.
Skin types Combination
Age 24
"Interesting & Cute"
It's not irritating to the skin and I love the smell of the nature that comes with it. But it doesn't seem to really help to remove my blackheads.
/ 5
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