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"Finally no more chest and back acne!!!"
Usually I never write reviews because I'm too lazy but this time I really want to point out how greatly this product has worked for me and encourage everyone to get it! I've been using this soap for 2 or 3 months now and I must say that it has definitely helped my skin clear up a lot! I used to be very, very, very prone to chest and back acne, but after using this soap every day in the shower, the skin on my back and on my chest are now actually blemish free! So far, no other product has helped me with my body acne and I felt super self conscious about my skin, but this product finally solved the problem for me and I feel so much better now!!!
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"smells great"
it smells sooo good and lasts a while if you break it in pieces. it helped a lot with my chest and back acne.
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Age 21
"It smells amazing! "
I don’t recommend using this if you’re hungover and hungry as you might mistake it for chocolate as it smells like a nice delicious bar of chocolate. All jokes aside, this soap is soft and non drying. I will update the review with my results (if any) after using it for a month or so.
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Age 26
"Gentle on dry skin"
This is my new favorite body soap. I have painfully dry skin, and this was gentle and didn't leave me feeling tight or irritated. The smell is absolutely delicious, too.
Skin types Combination
Age 35
"Love this soap! "
Bought this during the Black Friday sale, so glad I ordered this and the Ecru soap because it is one of the best body soaps I have used. It is natural, doesn't dry my skin out and makes my skin feel much smoother than the previous body scrub and body wash I was using. It is a definite repurchase item for me.
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