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Skin types Oily
Age 24
"A little disappointed "
It didn't help with my white and black comedones. It also didn't remove all of my pimples. After application it felt a little skicky and had to wait to absorb. In time I developed a rash from it. I don't like that it's in a jar, bacteria can get in easily. Overall it evened out my skintone and I wasn't so oily on my T-zone.
Skin types Normal
Age 25
I can't say enough good things about this as I finish up my first jar, and re-order another.
I have normal to oily skin, depending on the time of year and hormones, and this formula is so hydrating without making me feel oily.
Skin types Dry
Age 38
I got this just because it had many good reviews and was on "Our Best" page, and I don't regret! It finally solved my dry skin problem, and my skin feels so amazing like never before. I especially like the gel texture. It feels so refreshing and hydrating without being too oily or heavy.
Skin types Combination
Age 25
"Don't order/ disappointed"
I do not like it at all. tried it when I got the same day with toner and other cream for dry skin. I got lots of small and between big spots all over the face. I did not know what cream like where the cause so I tried it after 1 week through and it happened the same. I would not have used penher on this cream.
Skin types Combination
Age 25
"Favourite moisturizer"
One of the very few moisturizers that didn't break me out. It is lightweight, yet very moisturizing for my combo skin. Love the texture.
/ 5
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