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4.5 4.5
Skin types Combination
Age 18
Really helps moisturise and doesnt have an icky feeling after application!
Skin types Oily
Age 15
i used to have a different moisturiser and it was very thick and it made my face feel veey heavy. Not until when i tried out this goodness. It was really cooling when i first put it on. NOTE, just a little amount can fill up the entire face. I put too much on so it was abit too heavy. (my first time trying) I believe, one can last you very long even if daily used. I have oily skin type so the gel is really the go-to texture i love to use. not too thick and not too thin. Im still wondering if i should use this as a day or night moisturiser.
Skin types
Age 0
"Vitamin Tree for Me"
Great moisturizer to go over base skin care. I have oily skin and every since using this in place of lotion this problem as decrease. I still get all day moisture and protection. Love and is a staple in the endless amounts of products I have from this site.
Skin types
Age 0
"Couldn't have gotten better"
I have oily skin. Which means I have to be careful around moisturizers so they don't clog my pores but also get enough hydration to calm down the oil. And this is the product for that. I use this in my night time skincare routine and wake up with my skin looking shiny and refreshed. It also comes with a very handy spatula which helps to keep the product clean.

I recommended this product to my sister, as she has dry skin and with it being winter, she needed something effective. She agrees it light, cooling on irritated skin, and there's a decent amount of product. Mine lasted me 5 months of daily use.
Skin types Normal
Age 21
"Good Moisturizer!"
Unlike other moisturizers that leave my skin feeling heavy and oily, this does not! It's very cool upon application and doesn't make my skin feel strange. I've purchased this several times now!
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