There’s no such thing as flawless skin.

With flawlessly edited skin etched as the standard in mainstream media,

the lack of visibility for people with pores, pimples, texture, hyperpigmentation and

wrinkles has created a cloud of shame over anything other than “flawless”.

Inspired to promote positivity, we took the initiative to launch “Not a Flaw”, a campaign

dedicated to stamping out the stigma against these so-called “flaws”.

Join us in this journey to see skin in a realistic way and embrace your skin as it is.

We promise to:

Show real, unretouched skin in

Wishtrend and By Wishtrend imagery.

Each pore, line and spot is a beautiful representation of our

lives and the unique beauty we all possess. Our goal has

always been to empower one another, and we promise to do

so by featuring retouch-free skin in all of our photographs

and videos for Wishtrend and By Wishtrend.

Reshape the way we talk about skin

Language holds power over the way we view our world.

Moving forward, we promise to talk about skin in a realistic way.

While flawless skin doesn’t exist, that doesn’t mean your skin is

flawed. Your “flawless” skin is your healthiest skin, and we want

you to remember to celebrate your skin in every state.

#NotAFlaw #NotAFlawSquad

We invite you in our mission to change the narrative surrounding skin.

Skin, in every state, deserves to be cherished and celebrated.

We're saying no to retouched images and videos because raw is real, and

real is beautiful. Your "flaws" are Not a Flaw.

How to Join #NotAFlaw Squad

Why a sweatshirt?

For years we’ve had the pleasure of being a part of your

daily routines in the form of skincare, but for this

campaign we wanted to do something different.

Every time you wear the sweatshirt, we hope it offers

a reminder that your “flaws” are not a flaw, and that the

soft material serves as comforting reassurance that the

Wishtrend community always has your back.

Meet the

Not a Flaw Sweatshirt!

There’s no flawless skin

For years, the media has put a spotlight on flawless skin only to condition society to cast away

common realities like pores, pimples, texture, hyperpigmentation and wrinkles as flaws,

and in turn making perfectly edited skin the unattainable norm.