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"probably not for me."
I've purchased this & have yet to finish even half a bottle. I've heard many amazing & great reviews on this products. However, I suppose it's not suitable for my combination sensitive skin. I mostly focus on blackheads around my nose areas. I can see that my blackhead are more visible & prominent on the surface, which allows easy cleaning. After several attempts, somehow it irritates my skin --- redness, flaky skin & pimples. I don't feel too comfortable using this.
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"Love it!"
This product is a must have, I can definitely see an improvement in my skin. I have sensitive skin, so I only use it three times a week in the morning and then I apply sunscreen.
Skin types Oily
Age 29
It's a great exfoliator and helped me with the uniformity of the tone of my skin and decrease the size of the pores.
Skin types Oily
Age 33
"Unfortunately, this gave me terrible breakouts"
To get this out first - I'M NOT NEW TO BHA/SALICYLIC ACID!!
Also, I've used the AHA Whitehead Power Liquid by Cosrx for over half a year now and I really love that one.
However, my skin reacted horribly to the Blackhead Power Liquid. Got an awful breakout on my jawline, chin and upper neck a few days after starting to use this - really deep, big, painful cysts I might, if ever, only had during my worst (teen) acne years and that just would not heal. I tried changing the frequency with which I used this product, but after more than 10 weeks in which it did not get better in the least, I gave up and went back to my "old" BHA product, which promptly made me clear up - I am still waiting for the marks on my skin to heal though...
I wish I knew what caused the breakout, because the ingredients are not that much different from those of the AHA liquid - maybe it was the betaine salicylate itself, or a combination of ingredients - unfortunately, I still have an unopened bottle of the AHA/BHA toner which I am afraid to use now for fear of having a similar reaction as it does contain some of the same ingredients as the BHA liquid.
I have friends who have used this with no problems, though, and who will inherit my still almost full bottle - if you decide on buying it, and your skin likes it, it will last you a very long time!
Skin types Dry
Age 22
I use it 2-3 times a week. Really did help with the blackheads and my huge pores on my nose. First BHA i've tried, but eversince i cant imagine my routine without it.
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