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"Gamble: Too light or just right"
So I never knew if I would match this because well K-Beauty just be that way, but as my mom says I'm a latina born looking like a gringa. I got the cushion AND the refill kit so it was a big bet for once it arrived and me trying it on but... IT MATCHED. I was surprised, it was EXACTLY my shade. I really enjoy it and it hydrates my skin well during the day along with the use of my skincare. Love it!
Skin types Combination
Age 26
"Nice cushion"
This can be an “everyday” bb cushion.
Color perfectly matches my skin tone as 23 is too dark for me and 21 is a little lighter than my skin tone but this is just perfect, and it doesn’t oxidize too much.
I would say it works with oily and combo skin but not a dry skin as it accentuates my dry patches, so I had to wear a good moisturizer on those parts to avoid this effect.
Skin types Combination
Age 31
"The best cushion"
I fell in love with this cushion, I love its coverage, the only thing that I do not like is that it only has one tone, I hope that soon they take out more tones, especially dark ones, but definitely love it
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"Its Okay"
The whole product is cute and the cushion is nice and soft. However, the BB cream after I applied it on there is this after smell. Maybe it's my nose that is sensitive to smells but I prefer a product with no sent because then it won't bother me in saying where is that smell coming from.
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"Good cushion!"
It is a really good cushion, I can tell it is not cheap quality. I bought it and could tell it was a little to tan for my skin tone but in the summer my skin became tanner and it matched perfectly. The product sets quickly so I would recommend blending it fast.
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