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"Like the name gives off. "
I do like this concealer as it gave my skin a good coverage when I don't have much to cover. The way I like to use this is when in-between my eyebrows look somewhat cakey and this product made the area look better.
However, when I received this I noticed it felt quite light when I picked it up as if there wasn't much product, to begin with. I could have gotten a dud so I'm gonna get another one to test my theory.
In the end, I do recommend this item if you like a more "natural" coverage.
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nice natural color
doesn't feel oily at all!
Skin types Sensitive
Age 25
"Good though"
Can use instead foundation or BB cream. The drawback are smell and cannot cover the acne scar.
Skin types Oily
Age 21
"Love it but... "
Lightweight, hydrating texture and medium coverage product that leaves a fresh sensation and bright skin. The cons for me are; just comes in one shade (perfect for my winter skin but too light for my summer skin and people with naturally dark skin tones) and it runs out quite fast. I don't know if it comes half empty or the container is just too small...
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"Hydrating concealer"
This is a very moisturizing concealer especially for under eye. However it is quite sheer coverage and the lasting power not very good. Get it when it's on Black Friday sale and it's super cheap .
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