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4.9 4.9
Skin types Combination
Age 24
This is an awesome honey product for my Dry Skin ! I've tried other honey mask and this by far tops them all --- I'm From honey mask INGREDIENTS is truly the BEST! This is a must in the winter ~of course The honey cream is really nice. My Husband also uses this kit. The mask brush helps remove the product much more easily and definitely glad it came with the package
Skin types Combination
Age 21
"Makes skin feel soft! "
I used it on my boyfriends skin who has very sensitive skin and some blemishes from acne, after using it his skin felt super soft like a child, the skins had no bad reaction, it was very soothing. And the honey cream helps you skin feel more moisturized. I can definitely say, "I'm From" have a very impressive mask line, none will disappoint! Amazing ! :)
Skin types Dry
Age 27
"Very nice pair:)"
I love the mask, that i use twice a week on my face, lips and hair. It smells so good and leaves my skin so soft. The cream is nice too, but a bit heavy for me. The packaging is so cute:)
Skin types Dry
Age 25
"The best"
This is the best honey cream ever. I like trying honey products for my extremely dry skin. But this works the best like heaven. Other creams leave my skin sticky but this one makes my skin very beautifully glowing. Use a lot at night and ready for makeup in the morning. Sometimes, it leaks so I have to change it into an empty bottle. It doesn't have strong smell for those who are sensitive to smell. I will always repurchase this
Skin types Dry
Age 32
"Loved the cream!"
I was really excited to try these products since I have dry sensitive skin. The cream was very moisturizing and I woke up with hydrated skin that wasn't oily at all. It doesn't have much of a scent (which is nice) and I feel like a little goes a long way. As for the mask, I think I was most excited to try this product. It has an extremely creamy velvety texture and it felt great as I applied it to my skin. However, after having it on for about 10 minutes, I started breaking out in hives all over my face. I'm guessing I'm allergic to something in the mask (likely the bee venom). I've never been stung by a bee and I have no known allergy but lesson learned! I can say that after I took the mask off, my skin did feel hydrated. I am disappointed that this didn't work for me but I think it would be great if I didn't have an allergic reaction and would still recommend this to others.
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