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4.7 4.7
Skin types Dry
Age 36
"Невероятно классная маска"
Маска очень приятно пахнет, разглаживает морщины и питает кожу)
Skin types Sensitive
Age 30
"very good"
if you have dry and sensitive skin, this mask is really nourishing. it is lightweight, not sticky like honey, but it smells like honey. I am using for 3-4 weeks retinol and my skin get redness. this mask calm down my skin very well
Skin types
Age 0
"Not for me"
I really wanted to like this product, but it did not work well for me. I had clear skin for a couple of weeks and right after I tried this product once, I broke out. I also did not like how this felt on the skin. It left my skin feeling oily, which makes sense when you look at the ingredients list. Anyway, I would not recommend this mask to you if you have sensitive skin or acne prone skin.
Skin types
Age 0
This mask really hydrates the skin and it feels so soft and hydrated after using the mask
Skin types Oily
Age 18
"Hydrating and Helps to Smooth Skin"
I've only tried the mask once as of writing this review (may update in the future) but when I applied the mask, I didn't feel any stinging, burning- ill effects, basically.
I had no trouble applying it and I like the fact that I can leave the honey mask on my skin for a long period of time (think 40 minutes to an hour) without it getting super dry and in turn, making my skin feel dry and tight, so definitely a plus.
While I was washing off the mask, I didn't realize that I had already gotten pretty much all of it off because my skin felt so smooth and silky. Even after I toned my skin to get rid of any remaining bits of the mask and I'm very serious when I say that my skin felt very smooth and soft. Hopefully I can see more benefits the more I use it.

Overall, I think it's quite a good mask (probably a five star once I begin to use more of it) and I would recommend this for most everybody.
If you're not a big fan of more sticky-type face masks or prefer clay/mud masks or that sort of thing, the honey mask might not be for you but if you don't mind it, this mask is right up your alley. You really only have to apply a thin layer of the mask to your face so the jar will last you (me, at the very least haha) for quite a while.
/ 5
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