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4.7 4.7
Skin types Oily
Age 22
"It's excellent and brilliant."
I'd like to say that the oil cleanser I didn't use it that much cuz it's been a while I didn't apply makeup ( so maybe later I'll write about it, good thing it didn't break me out). I used the soap and I'm absolutely in love with, it makes my skin smooth? idk how but it cleans and doesn't make my skin super tight like other cleansers. I also used the cotton pad and you'll fall in love with them< I literally bought two more after this purchase immediately>. and I had fun using the toner with these ones but honestly, I bought the unscented toner and used it instead of the one in the package because my skin is oily I thought it might be a bad idea to use the scented one( the toner IS AMAZING) I'll try the regular one later when it's in winter it but now it's super hot here. AND YES the SCRUB IS AMAZING !!! the texture and everything about it and it does exfoliate well. Thanks Wishtrend for selling klairs products!
Skin types Combination
Age 26
That's definitely the mask that hydrate the most my skin. Every time I am feeling I need more hydration I use it. I would totally repurchase.
Skin types Combination
Age 23
"So soft ❤️"
Smells just like honey and left my skin really soft :)
Skin types Dry
Age 27
"Love it"
Just love everything about this mask. My skin feels plump and soft (in a good way). Since is in the expensive side (at least for me) I always leave it for an hour to soak up all the goodnes. It is not specially calming with pimples in my experience BUT it is just so worth it for those days when you want to look specially nice.
The mask has a texture very similar to honey during summer BUT it doesn't leak as honey will with the skin temperature after one hour, so is perfect for keep the day going, you don't have to stay en bed or stop eating/doing things around the house.
I love wash off mask, and I really like this one.
I have dry sensitive skin
Skin types Oily
Age 21
This is honestly the best mask I've ever tried! I started using it once a week since December, in combination with their Volcanic mask and there's still a lot left! I started using the Volcanic mask a month or two later, so I know that this one is the miracle worker! It leaves my skin feeling fresh, glowing and smooth! I love it so much!
/ 5
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