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4.7 4.7
Skin types Combination
Age 25
You can literally see the honey inside.
I have never used a mask as hydrating and confortable as this one.
It's definitly one of my holy grail and I recommand it to all skin types.
Skin types Combination
Age 23
"Love it "
The product smells like caramel and honey, so satisfying to apply !
It leaves your face feeling moisturized, soft and plump. I’ll repurchase it
Skin types Dry
Age 18
"Amazing results!"
My face has always had this redness that never went away no matter what I applied. I began to think it was just part of my natual skin. After the FIRST use of this honey mask however, my skin looks the best it has ever been. My skin became so smooth and there was no redness whatsoever! Not to mention how moisturized my skin became as well. This is a perfect mask if you need to calm down irritated or troubled skin. I highly recommend you try it out for yourself! ♡
Skin types Combination
Age 20
"Holy grail"
This product is my holy grail mask, moisturising, antibacterial, healing acne and makes my skin super soft. Totally recomed it, even for that price.
Skin types
Age 0
"WOOOW just WOW"
Its so great! it helped me so much. I usually have oily skin but these days im having a super dry skin (it peels off every day, and I need to use cream every hour!) anyways I put this on for half an hour and all the dry skinn disapeared (over 80% of it!) so it was like a miracle, really. I still have dry skin on my nose and around my lips but I can say that it got better and the rest of the face improved extremply fast. Totaly recommendable. (I need to say that i even used the Blue cream over 1 week to calm my skin but it didnt work.. and I tried all the creams and moisturizers I had and anyone worked..),
but with 0.5 h with this mask I saw a big improvement! so quickly!
/ 5
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