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"Great product!"
I really loved trying out this product! It really does feel like an oil product even though it is water-based which was very interesting to see and feel. This product was very hydrating, and not irritating at all! It was great for my sister who had dry and sensitive skin, but it was also great for deep hydration in my own oily skin. Even though I get very oily, I sometimes feel that my skin deep within is dry, and this product really helps to remedy that. Though I do think it is a bit expensive, it was a very nice product with beautiful packaging as well! Overall, I enjoyed using this product and really appreciate how gentle yet hydrating it is!
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Age 31
"Great new product"
Easily applies to skin and sinks in. Gives moisturisation and seems to help with redness. Bottle will last a long time
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"If you are dry, acne prone.. this is the oil for you!"
To begin with, I was always afraid of using oils on my face. Having acne-prone skin makes you stay away from anything that could possibly clog your pores. I've tried to use marula and neem oil but they were always too much, not to mention the smells.

When I saw that Klairs came out with new products I was excited when I saw one of them is a WATERY oil..I was hooked.
When I started using the oil drop I decided to use it in conjunction with my Klairs Rich Moist Soothing Serum, which was a very good idea. I use this method morning and night, without using any thick cream, and let me tell you..this is just enough hydration for the summertime.

I woke up with visibly smoother and supple skin and even some of the acne scars seemed to be healing faster. I'm shocked.

First time in my life, I am IN LOVE with an OIL! Thank you Wishtrend!
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"Hydrating, not sure about long-term results"
I was really interested in this product because of the amazing ingredients that it has, and to see how it would fit in with my skincare routine because I use a Retinoid at night that is prescription and my skin can be super sensitive and get irritated by many products because of this. I was also interested in trying this product because my past experiences with some other Klairs products, mainly the sunscreen and blue calming cream, have been excellent and they are now staples in my skincare routine.

This product feels really nice going on, like extra heavy water. It's hard to describe, but I wouldn't say it's oily at all. It's very hydrating and I actually only use it at night right now because in the morning I'm using some Ordinary serums and then cream and Klairs sunscreen, and I just found that using this watery oil product was too much for my skin to absorb in the hot, humid summertime. So I just use it at night after I wash my face, after toner and before cream, topping it off with my retinoid. I haven't had any adverse reactions from this product at all, and I was worried that it would make my skin itchy or sensitive because of the retinoid, but so far so good as long as I let everything sink in before applying the retinoid. In the winter I'll definitely use it in the morning and night because it gets really dry where I live.

As for results, I'm not sure exactly what it's supposed to do. Right now it's just hydrating, but I'm hopeful that using a product with such a good ingredients list will over time produce some long-term results that I haven't seen yet (only been using it a month). Maybe I'll post a second review after 6 months to see what long-term effects it has.
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"Unique and Versatile"
I have recently cut back to a minimal skincare (simple cleanser [CeraVe] and moisturizer[HadaLabo]) to reset my skin and to test this product. I have dehydrated combination/acne-prone/sensitive skin (what a mess!) which with my medication, can be hard to deal with. I tried this product for about 2 weeks straights, twice a day using 3 drops (1 on each of my cheeks and 1 on my forehead). I must say that my skin is noticeably less dull, plump, and well hydrated!
For comparison, I have the Red Serum (Skin&Lab), Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence (Cosrx) and Freshly Juiced Vitamin Drop (Klairs) from Wishtrend which all have a different texture when applied.
The Red Serum (like other hydrating serums) feels like it has a thickness/gel-ish..drop of hydration and is much more noticeable (takes longer to seep in).
The Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence although its absorption is surprising, is very thick and takes some time to work in (with occasional adhesion to itself..like stringy mucus of course).
The Freshly Juiced Vitamin Drop while effective does feel a bit oily (along with the warm sensation).
As the skin barrier needs both hydration in water and oils, this product is a perfect balance of the two without having that obvious, separate layer of thick hydrating gel or oil layer as you wait for the product to absorb into the skin. The ceramides and hydrating agents are a 2 in 1 combination that perfectly help balance the skin barriers needs without the extra inconvenience of texture/absorption. The anti-oxidants in the formula also appears to be making my skin look more healthy and bright (even during the 1st week of use).
During summer months, my skin can feel very oily making it rather uncomfortable to have a lot of products on without it feeling very apparent.
After applying, this product absorbs quickly and leaves my face feeling plump and rather matte! It's almost like I did not apply anything, but at the same time my skin feels quenched with everything it needs.
I believe that whether you have a simple or a more elaborate/extensive-step skin routine, this product can easily be implemented as your primary serum or a subtle extra coat without interrupting the layering process.
The packaging is also very sturdy (as I have dropped it once all ready;; haha).
While I cannot say for sure if it is my die-hard, life changing, transformation of a holy grail, I can say with confidence that this product does do everything it advertises and can be a staple in anyone's skincare routine. Even in the future winter months, the quick absorption and light-weight feel would make this a great buildable product!
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