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Skin types Combination
Age 38
I think I bought almost all routines available in this website (Lol) but I got to admit that this one is really fantastic... Mixed up with the "workout routine" (I'm a fitness instructor, and was looking for something simple and convenient)

I had a blackhead that never wanted to disappear for years now (too small to be extracted) and it's over NOW after one Week (me happy ;D )

I'm never puting make-up on a daily basis, only for special events, I'm a big fitness addict so here's my review:

- The cleanser and mandelic acid prep toner help probably, I have a sensitive/acne prone skin, well depending on the weather, I love this combination really convenient for my skin... and soothing it so greatfully
(the pump bottle is not that convenient, but it's just a detail)

- Propolis ampoule: not really a fan as it takes more than 30min to be absorbed by my skin, but helps somehow to let your whitehead pop up

- patches: (absolutely lovely) I put them by night and in the early morning inflamation is less visible inflammation has been reduced (hurting effect disappear), and there are fading away (you can see the impurities absorbed by those patch

- cotton pads: I like them, thick enough to absorb enough and soft on skin
- Vitamin cream: it's maybe a thick cream but well hydrating my skin, and comes well in combination with the first acidic products
- serum VitC: I already had the klairs vitC but too harsh for my skin, this one instead is providing a less annoying sensation... but as it oxidizes my skin somehow (I'm maybe allergic to Vit C dunno) I'm not using it often
/ 5
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