VEGAN Soft Airy UV Essence SPF 50 PA ++++

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still wasn't the right sunscreen for me, but was the best I have tried so far.
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"The Sunscreen for Everyone! "
I've been using this for weeks and I am honestly shock how lightweight this is! It feels like I am not wearing any sunscreen at all. It sinks perfectly in the skin and doesn't give me an oily finish. No white cast, too! This would suit any skin type even sensitive skin. It's super worth it ❤
Skin types Combination
Age 17
This is my first time adding sunscreen to my skin care routine, and this does more than just add skin protection! I wear makeup almost everyday, and as great as my makeup is in the morning, it just looks dry and dull throughout the day because of my dry spots! I would reapply my makeup in hope that would help make it look better but to no avail. I was delighted to find that this sunscreen can be applied over makeup and it really helps moisturize my skin! So before I reapply my foundation I put this on to give my face a fresh look. Just make sure to pat this in instead of rubbing it to avoid messing up your foundation. And to those that are wondering, yes, this doesn't give you a white cast like other sunscreens and it doesn't have a smell! I will be buying this again in the future. :)
Skin types Oily
Age 26
"I'm so in love with this!"
I was one of the 100 lucky winners to first test this sun protector. It just came about 10 days ago and I have already been using it for a week. I must say I was a little bit worried about how my skin (oily and acne prone) would react since I have only bad experience with suns protectors (white cast, greasiness, stickyness, breakouts, etc.) But to my surprise, my skin took it very well, no white cast as is suggest it, non oily and a very fast absorption. I love that it feels like if you are wearing nothing onto the skin.
Even tho I have a little time testing this product, everything goes smoothly so far so I would continue using it ¡Yay!

I highly recommend it for every skin type, even the sensitive one, since is very gentle and cause no irritation, besides it has no smell (or at least not noticyable).

I would definetly purchase this amazing product on the future,
¡Well done Klairs!
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"the best spf"
this spf is the best its so lighweight it sinks in so quickly leaving no trace no white cast no greasyness. i love klairs products. works really well with makeup.
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