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"I love this sunscreen "
To the reviewer underneath me: In what world does Uvinal A Plus not cover the full UVA spectrum? Have you ever bothered looking up the absorption chart, instead of just going by what blogs say? Uvinal A Plus is one of the only actives the screen the whole UVA1, along with Avobenzone, Tinosorb M and Zinc Oxide. It maxes out at 410nm, into visable light.
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This sunscreen has 2 actives: Ethylhexyl Triazone (blocks UVB) and Uvinul A Plus (blocks UVA2) and nothing to block UVA1 which ages skin the most. I wholeheartedly fell in love with its texture; does not sting eyes nor make me oily throughout the day, extremely easy to apply and no white cast whatsoever ! But the fact that it doesn't block the entire wavelength of UVA, namely UVA1, just broke my heart. This would be the best sunscreen in the world if it's reformulated to actually be a broad spectrum sunscreen with no essential or flower oil while having the same phenomenal texture.
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"Love it!"
This is without any doubt the best sunscreen I have ever used... No smell and non greasy! No ghost (white) face either! I will absolutely repurchase this and I wish they had a travel size so I could have in my purse for a touch up during the day ;-)
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"Please renew with NO essential oils"
It's light, airy, non greasy and leaves no white cast. Also it contains a great UV filter Uvinul A Plus. To me it would have been the perfect sunscreen if it did NOT contain any essential oils. Which is the reason I sadly won't repurchase. Essential oils serve no purpose or any benenifts to the skin. It actually causes the skin to be more photo sensitive. Especially the Citrus aurantium ones. Why on earth would you put it in a sunscreen? I could label this the perfect sunscreen if Klairs decide to create an essential oil-free version, like they did with the toner.
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This sunscreen is literally the best sunscreen I've ever used. It's so moisturizing which leaves a subtle glow to the skin! It also is really perfect for brown skin, without leaving any white cast whatsoever! I love this product so much and will definitely re-purchase again!
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