Wishtrend's Very First Merch Not a Flaw Sweatshirt! Join #NotAFlawSquad Now

Wendy Kim Sep 06 2021

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Not a Flaw Sweatshirt, Wishtrend’s very first merch has arrived!

For years we’ve had the pleasure of being a part of your daily routines in the form of skincare, but for this campaign we wanted to do something different. Every time you wear the sweatshirt, we hope it offers a reminder that your “flaws” are not a flaw, and that the soft material serves as comforting reassurance that the Wishtrend community always has your back. 


▶️ Watch the video to understand the full story of the Not a Flaw Sweatshirt



Not a Flaw Merch Insert Image Video
Click onto the image above to watch the full video of how the Not a Flaw Sweatshirt came about!


Why is Not a Flaw Sweatshirt so special?

When planning the Not a Flaw campaign, the team thought of what would be the best way to spread the message of skin positivity with the community? And there was no better way to spread the message with the word on a sweatshirt! Sweatshirt is definitely one of the fashion item that is the most approachable to everyone and easy to wear on any occasions. We wanted the idea of ‘Not a Flaw’ to seep into our daily lives! 




Not a Flaw Sweatshirt



  • 💙 Oversized fit for a baggy, spacious feel

💙 GRS Recycled cotton 40%, GOTS Organic cotton 60%

💙 CPB (Cold Pad Batch) dyeing: Excellent touch and durability

💙 100% Cotton: Minimizes the generation of microplastics when washed


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Meet the Not a Flaw Emoji!

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