Wishtrend Affiliate Program, All You Need to Know!

Oct 29 2019

1. Understanding Wishtrend Revamp 2019


A. Wishtrend Revamp 2019


Visit Wishtrend and discover what have changed! Overall website look has changed, navigate and find the useful information for yourself.


To briefly introduce, the first thing you will see is the main page, where we provide you various kinds of promotions every week. The products that are on promotion will be changed every week, so keep an eye on that and get your holy grail skincare products with discounted price! Also, share this with your subscribers/followers and make higher engagement.


Navigate the new website to find more differences and utilize them effectively.
Do refer to the following details, and welcome to new Wishtrend! 🙂


B. New Wishtrend Points Policy


Share this to your subscribers/followers and encourage them to collect points. With the points, their shopping at Wishtrend will be more exciting!


a) How to use & collect points


Wishtrend Affiliate Guide Insert Image 1


➤ How to use points

  1. 1) 100 Points =$1
    2) 50% of the order amount may be used with your points.
    3) Redeemed points are valid up to 2 years.


➤ How to collect points

  1. 1) $1 = 5 Points (ex. $20 =100 Points)
    2) Referral Program = 500 Points
    3) Review = Only during promotions


b) Wishtrend Referral Program  

Invite your friends, and earn points! Share your promotional code with friends and acquaintances.


Wishtrend Affiliate Guide Insert Image 2


c) Review Points

Write a review after you purchase the products and earn points! This only applies to the promotion period. Amount of points may vary depending on the promotion. 


d) Affiliate Code Program

Share your affiliate code and if your subscriber made a first purchase with your code, you can get $5 and the subscriber will get 10% off discount. 


C. Various Contents Provided


a) Use the thumbnails and videos that are on our product page.These materials will make your contents more fruitful and guide your subscribers/followers about the product more effectively.


b) Check out the articles from Glam. Not only beauty tips and tutorials, but also helpful articles regarding affiliate program will be posted. So, if you want to learn more about the affiliate program, stay tuned!


  1. c) You can take advantage of using our product photos that are posted on our social accounts, @WishtrendStory, @Imfrom_global,, and @bywishtrend


d) Explore Banners & Links, you can add banners, and Wishtrend TV videos on your content which will help boosting the traffic of your channel.


2. Affiliate Program Guide

A. First things first 


    1. a) Take a closer look at your affiliate homepage. We update important news or events on the NEWS part. Also, update or fill out your profile so that we can keep your latest information. Navigate and find your the necessary information from the homepage that you can use while working as our affiliate. 
  1. * If you have any further questions, feel free to contact our affiliate manager via mail :


b) Make your own affiliate link. Put your affiliate code on any URL you would like to, it will be your personal affiliate link.


Affiliate Link is a unique tracking URL that contains your own Referral ID. It tracks your sales leads and traffic to Wishtrend.

It looks something like this:


Think of it as the first and the most basic step you need to know before delving further into Affiliate Marketing. Without using your own affiliate link, we couldn’t track your commissions. So, always always remember to use them!


Wishtrend Affiliate Guide Insert Image 3


You can check your general affiliate link on your affiliate panel. You can simply copy and paste this code at the end of the URL to direct your subscribers to the Wishtrend homepage. As shown in the above, your General Affiliate Link for Wishtrend is as simple as that!


*How to make affiliate links for different products? 

For example, if you are referencing the Klairs Supple Preparation Toner in a YouTube video or blog post, all you have to do is add your Affiliate Code.


Originally, the link would look like this:


To turn it into an Affiliate Link, simply add your affiliate code to the end of the URL:


c) Check your Wishtrend Points! If you write down your Wishtrend ID on the welcome mail, you will get points. Welcome mail will be sent to you as soon as you signed up. If you haven’t get it yet, please send us an email.


B. Upgrade to the next group 


a) White ⇾ Blue
      1. 1) Way 1 : Generate first purchase from your subscribers. You will get upgraded to the Blue group when you get the first commission. 
      2. 2) Way 2 : Introduce Wishtrend on your socials. It only applies to the blogs and YouTube. If you send us the link of your post or video, we will upgrade you right away. 
    1. If you are in the White group, meet one of the ways in order to upgrade to the next group, Blue. For example, you can recommend Wishtrend’s Best-Sellers or introduce Wishtrend’s Benefits (like points policy and various contents they can experience) to your subscribers with your own unique content. 
    2. b) Blue ⇾ Silver
    3. 1) Study your affiliate sales lead and discover which products your subscribers are craving for.

    4. 2) Communicate regularly with your affiliate manager to use the program effectively and share up-to date reports.
  1. c) Silver ⇾ ?


      1. 1) If you make over $5,000 sales, you will be able to enter the next group, which will be managed privately. 
  1. 2) In this group, we can communicate and cooperate more closely and expect more exciting business partnership. 


C. Benefits you can enjoy!

    1. a) Get Affiliate-only exclusive monthly voucher and share it to your subscribers. 
    2. b) We provide products every month for the product review. We may have different product review opportunities every month, so join us. 
    3. c) We also sponsor Giveaway on your socials. So if you want to share your holy grail products to your subscribers, don’t hesitate to contact us, let’s open a great giveaway! This may require certain conditions to open a giveaway.
    4. d) We inform you special promotion first so that you can get ready to enjoy. 
    5. e) New product test opportunities will be given to our affiliates. Be the first and share your thoughts of our newbies. 


Please refer to the chart below and if you have any questions, do let us know. 🙂


Wishtrend Affiliate Guide Insert Image 4