Learn the Brand: Dear Klairs, Simple But Enough

Apr 08 2020

Wishtrend always endeavors to offer brands that have a positive philosophy on beauty and a sense of duty on skincare. Klairs, By Wishtrend, I’m From, COSRX are some of the most iconic skincare brands curated on Wishtrend that really focuses on curating effective ingredients and that offers different skincare options to embrace different skin conditions and skin types. Rather than jumping into individual products, get to know a little more details about these brands to enhance your skincare experience. 


Dear, Klairs is definitely the most sought after brand on Wishtrend. So, it only made sense to take you on a ride to the story and the journey of Klairs.




Dear, Klairs: Simple But Enough


Klairs is a high-quality skincare brand that provides gentle, simple products for those with sensitive skin. Since their foundation in 2010, they’ve stayed true to their philosophy of “simple but enough,” and recognize that while the skin’s condition constantly change, it can be transformed with a reliable lineup of skincare products. Their mild, but powerfully effective, products have quickly risen as many people’s cult favorites, and have gained the trust of users for their gentle formulas free of filler ingredients, chemicals, alcohol, parabens, and artificial dyes & fragrances.


An ‘animal-friendly’ brand


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If you're having a stressful week, here's a sleepy floof to cheer you up 😽 If your skin is having a stressful week, here are some products, courtesy of @sophiebeautybox, to calm them down: ⠀ ♡ Midnight Blue Calming Mask ♡ Midnight Blue Calming Cream – Great for reducing redness and inflammation. This was a staple when I was going through my tret-face phase (ie. face falling off due to tretinoin overuse). Repurchased twice & reviewed on the blog. ♡ Midnight Blue Youth Activating Drops – An essence with EGF (growth factors) and guaiazulene for anti-aging and soothing, and a current staple in my routine to improve overall skin health. I'm on my 4th bottle now! Also reviewed on the blog and Cooper-approved✌🏻 (see last pic, also belated #TextureTuesday shot?) ⠀ @dear_klairs is one of the first #kbeauty brand I tried and still one of my favorites to date. I don't repurchase products often because hello, so many things to try, but their stuff is good enough to actually keep me loyal😌 Like honestly the act of repurchasing is probably the highest praise we can give a product – actions speak louder than words! ⠀ ☛ Have you tried Klairs products before? What are some products you'll never stop repurchasing? ___________ #sophiesquad #dearklairs #klairs #crueltyfreeskincare #wishtrend #koreanskincare #kbeautyaddict #myfluffyflatlay

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As part of their regular evaluation of various Korean lifestyle brands, animal rights organization, Korea Animal Rights Advocates, released a list of brands that are verified as animal-friendly. KARA sorted the brands based on three factors: cruelty-free, vegan, does not export to China. Klairs was included on their recently updated list as a cruelty-free brand that does not export their products to China, which makes animal-testing of all cosmetic products mandatory. (Klairs Good News 2020, Wishcompany)



What happened in 2019 for Klairs?


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In 2019, Klairs was awarded over 20 prizes at home and abroad, and our ‘Supple Preparation Facial Toner’ with the nickname of ‘Holy Grail Toner’ recorded a total of over a million bottles sold(We are excited to see if there will be another million-seller coming out this year…!)


Klairs also launched 8 new products in 2019, including ‘Soft Airy UV Essence’ which was ranked #1 on sunscreens by Glow Pick only 3 months after the launch, and which also got 5 awards just in the previous year. Klairs is working hard to make an essential steady seller for all. Klairs is working hard this year to remain as a brand that many people need. (Klairs Good News 2019, Wishcompany)



Fundamental Care Set


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2 Step Fundamental Care Set



Daily Skin Water Set


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Daily Skin Water Set


Klairs Soft Airy UV Essence


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Freshly Juiced Line



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