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Skin types Combination
Age 46
"Loved it so much - bought it for my daughter!"
I loved this skincare set! I am still using the honey mask! Loved it so much I ordered one for my daughter. Then ordered the new set for this year! Awesome products!
Skin types
Age 0
"Лучший набор для сияния"
Прекрасный набор для сияния кожи, созданный в коллаборации с известным блогером Gothamista. Она вызывает у меня большое уважение, поэтому сомнений, что набор получится удачным, у меня не возникло. "Конечно, надо брать!" подумала я и взяла. Набор включал все хитовые продукты, на многие из которых я давно смотрела и очень хотела попробовать. Бесспорные суперзвезды - это Mandelic prep water By Wishtrend, Midnight Blue Youth Activating Drop от Dear, klairs, ну и, конечно, лучшая медовая маска Honey Mask от I'M FROM.
Skin types Combination
Age 41
I would like to order the box but it add shipping cost in spite it should be free shipping.
Skin types Dry
Age 49
"Thanks Gothamista!"
I'm new to Wishtrend and am pleased to discover the goodness of Klairs products and excellent customer service and deal! Received a quick email on the serum issue and looking forward to trying it. Love my first K Beauty skin care box, thanks Gothamista for a wonderful choice of products!
Skin types Sensitive
Age 58
"Love This Package Deal!"
I just received my GOTHAMISTA X WISHTREND SKINCARE ESSENTIALS kit. I am very happy with not only the price of this package, but the products and the customer service of Wishtrend! I have been using Klairs' products regularly for some time now and they are perfect for my dry sensitive skin. I jumped on this package when I saw that the midnight blue drops were included. I LOVE the honey mask! It is a new HG for me. The cleansing pads are great and I am looking forward to slowly incorporate the Mandelic Acid Skin Prep into my routine. Love Renee and love Wishtrend. Could not be happier with mt order.
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