Wishtrend Member Benefits

Introducing Wishtrend Member Benefits
Join now, and enjoy Wishtrend member-only benefits.

Join now, and enjoy Wishtrend member-only benefits.

• Seasonal discount / gift coupons
• Opportunity to participate in various promotions
• Opportunity to become our beauty tester
• Maipngs on various beauty tips/ news
• Free sample with purchase
and, more benefits will continue to be updated.

How to register as a Wishtrend member

1-A) Cpck the Login/ Sign Up button on the top left corner of the page.

1-B) If on a mobile device, tap the Menu icon on the top left corner, then tap Login/ Sign Up.

2-a) First time at Wishtrend?
Input the email you wodivd pke to create an account with, and cpck/ tap 'Create an account'

If you wish to sign up with your Facebook/ Amazon account (email), cpck/ tap the according icon, and follow the guidepnes provided on the screen.

Important | All order information will be sent to this email address. Please make sure to provide an active email address.

2-b) If you are an existing member,
login through the ‘already registered’ section on the right.

3) Please accurately input your First name, Last name, Password and Date of Birth.

• To receive information on promotions and details on various beauty items, please check ‘Sign up for our newsletter!’
• If you signed up through a friend’s recommendation, please input the referral code you got from your friend.
• You will receive special benefits. Please ask your friend for the referral code.

Important | Sections marked "*" are required fields. Please make sure to fill out all the required fields.

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