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before placing an order

Before Placing an order :

Q. Do you ship internationally?

Absolutely ! WISH TREND ships internationally to most countries.
However, please keep in mind shipping to some countries
may limit certain shipping options.

Q. What are the shipping cost rates?

Shipping costs differ for each country. Please refer to HERE to find shipping costs that apply to the country you would like your shipment delivered to.

Q. Is it possible to order off-line?

Some products may not be available depending on the area. Please contact us via Q&A if you have a specific question regarding a product. However, all of our products are available online for your convenience.

Q. I would like to sell a product to consumers.

For bulk order placements, please inquire at trade@wishcompany.net. Depending on the quantity purchased and the amount ordered, you may be eligible for benefits.

Q. What payment methods do you accept?

All of our transactions are processed through Paypal. Visa, Mastercard, or other international credit cards are also accepted, as they can be processed through Paypal.

Q. What payment methods do you accept?

All of our transactions are processed through Paypal. Visa, Mastercard, or other international credit cards are also accepted, as they can be processed through Paypal.

Q. I don’t have a Paypal account. How can I pay?

No problem ! As long as you have a credit/debit card that can be used internationally (such as Visa or Mastercard), your payment can be processed through Paypal without having to create an account.

Q. I keep getting a payment error message.

This may occur when there is a problem with the form of the payment or when the address provided is not in the correct form. Please check the address and enter the correct address (city, zip code, etc.). If you still have a problem with making a payment, please contact Paypal.

Q. Why won’t it recognize or accept my address?

The address entered may not be in the correct format. Please check to make sure you have entered the correct address. If you are still having trouble with entering your address even after confirming through a search engine for the correct format, please let us know via Q&A and we will be glad to assist you.

Q. Why can’t I choose the career option?

Depending on the country, there may be areas where a career option is not available. In this case, please inquire through the Q&A.

Q. Why won’t this coupon work?

The coupon may be expired or may have certain guidelines applying to it that may be conflicting with the possible use of it. Please check the coupon information for its restrictions such as the minimum amount limit, duplication, certain non-use items, or the expiration date. Coupons are not applicable to some promotional products. If you have additional questions or concerns, please contact the Q&A.

Q. The system is charging me for double the shipping costs.
charging me the shipping fee even though I qualify
for free shipping.

We apologize for your inconvenience. System errors can occur in some cases. Please try again after clearing your cart.

Q. My cart showed free shipping, but I was charged for shipping.

Shipping fees may vary depending on the area. The system may show no shipping costs if the address is not provided or if the address has an error within the system.

Q. What shipment method do you use?

As of July 2014, all of our shipments are processed through the postal office. In conjunction with post offices all around the world, we strive to provide service everywhere.

Q. I would like to use Fedex, DHL, or other method of shipment.

Sorry for your inconvenience. Currently, we process all of our shipments by the post office only, and we do not offer any other service methods at this point. We will do our very best to improve upon our service to provide you with better service.

Q. Why can’t I add this product to my cart?

The product may not be added to your cart if it is out of stock. Please bear with us and wait until the product can be restocked.

Q. I purchased a product with free shipping,
but was charged for shipping.

Shipping costs are applied to all purchases, and in the case of free shipping products, the shipping costs are deducted from the overall costs. If you are not able to confirm the deducted shipping costs, please empty your cart and try again.

Q. Why can’t I change the currency option?

Our prices are fixed at USD and all transactions are handled in USD. However, the total amount of your order will most likely be automatically converted to your country’s currency on your payment statement after your purchase.

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