Give 5 USD, Get 5 USD

Log-in, go to My Account then Friend Invitation Rewards Program to see your code. By sharing your code, you are providing anyone who uses it a 5 USD store credit to their account.

After creating your own Wishtrend shopping account through the signup page, you will automatically be assigned your unique Invitation Code which can be shared with friends, family and even to your social media. This 5 USD store credit can be used toward their first purchase at Wishtrend. You can provide this code or link to anyone who has never shopped at Wishtrend before. This of it as a welcoming gift from you them.

This 5 USD benefit is offered for limited time only, it may change on circumstances. 

  • GO TO USE MY CODE NOW, Login / Sign up >


  • Don't have a Wishtrend Account yet?
    Search "Wishtrend discount code" to find bloggers who are sharing their Invitation Codes ! By doing so, you can receive 5 USD in store credit to go towards your first order. Simply find a provided code from a blogger, then go to create your Wishtrend account, then make sure to place the code your found when asked for in the account registration page. You then will automatically receive 5 USD in store credit once your account is made!

    Invitation Code How to USe


    Invitation Code How to USe


  • If you have already made a Wishtrend account, you can find your invitation code by visiting this page after logging in. By sharing your code or link. You will be providing 5 USD in store credit to anyone that uses it. The bonus? Once someone uses your code to get their 5 USD store credit, you will receive your own 5 USD store credit in return. This is a thank you from us to you for bring Wishtrend a new customer!

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  • Q. Is this the affiliate program?


    No. This is not the affiliate program but an invitation reward program. This invitation program is open to every Wishtrend customer. You earn a reward when the person you’ve invited to join wishtrend.com has made his or her first purchase. This reward/point will be converted as store credit voucher code, of which you can use to purchase items on our website. Alternatively, if you are a blogger, Youtuber or an individual interested in our Affiliate Program, then head over to our Affiliate Program Page.

    Q. Can I purchase products with the rewards I earn from my Invitation code?


    Of course! You can use your rewards/points to purchase any Wishtrend items that you want. Once you decide to use your saved up rewards, you can covert them into a order discount coupon anytime then use that coupon to deduct the amount of your total order.
    *Rewards can only be used on wishtrend.com items and is non-transferrable. *Rewards earned are Wishtrend Store Credit.

    Q. All I have to do is share the code/link?


    Yes, once the visitor clicks your invitation link or inputs your code at registration, they will immediately be on your ‘list of new sign ups’. Our system checks when they have made their first order and provides a 5 USD store credit back to your account. Share your link or code by Mail, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Reddit, Pinterest, and with family and friends.

    Q. I have $20 + saved up in rewards I earned, How do I used them to order products?


    That is great! Once you have 5 USD or more earned in rewards, you can convert it into a store credit coupon code at ANYTIME. Simply go to your Friends Invitation Rewards Program Page, scroll to the bottom and click Convert. Your rewards will then be converted into your coupon code for the total amount earned. You then can use that coupon code to purchase anything from Wishtrend.com
    *Remember, rewards earned are a total 5 USD Value in Store Credit. Rewards can ONLY be used at Wishtrend.com

    Q. Is there any limitation for using the invitation voucher?


    The voucher code is only available to use to order with every purchase over 30USD. In order for the voucher code to apply, all requirements must be met according to each voucher code. You can only use one voucher code per order. Vouchers can only be applied to non-promotional products. ( Promotions include the following : Wish Box/ gift set. free shipping/ discounted product/ etc)

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