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"Wrong review for this cleanser down below oops lol"
That review was for the pore serum by this company.
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"It's a yes in my book "
For me, this product really did show the results of my cheek area and nose pores being shrunk in about an hour after being applied. However, the results don't last forever but for about an entire day. Which for me, is good enough. I also really love how it leaves a soft and cooling effect on my skin, it was also really fast absorbing. The package was clean and simple. The application was super easy and not messy. I also think that everyone's experience may be different than mine but this product really was a lifesaver for both my mom and me, which showed really good results. Definitely worth the try. Have a nice day :)
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"Great for sensitive acne prone skin"
You get so much product in this! And you only need such a tiny amount to clean your whole face! I love this stuff so much... it takes all my makeup off and doesn't bother my super sensitive skin. It's also helped a ton with my acne and dead skin!

also... I love the smell of this, it kind of reminds me of genmaicha tea
Skin types Dry
Age 15
"Made me breakout A LOT "
This cleanser is VERY cleansing, I’ll give it that. It leaves a smooth feeling on my face and definitely gets rid of all the gunk. It also is very very long lasting, the packaging includes Sooo much product I’d probably be rid of it in a year. Those are the only good things about this product, considering it made me break out sooo much. The product has Lauric acid and Myrstric acid in it which are known to be comedogenic(acne causing!) it gave me so lots of pimples on the sides of my face and on my chin. It was ridiculous, so I just stopped using the product completely. Don’t buy this it’s a waste of money!!!
Skin types Combination
Age 23
"Wonderful Cleanser!"
I really love that this cleanser doesn't irritate my skin. It's gentle but very effective in cleansing. It's smooth on your skin as well and leaves a healthy glow afterward. It does not leave your skin feeling dry.
It's great!
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