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4.9 4.9
Skin types Combination
Age 22
"Great for Whiteheads and Blackheads!"
The Comedo Remover is a perfect choise for removing blackheads and whiteheads, as long as the enlarged pore or pimple is small enough to fit for the extraction tool.
Skin types Sensitive
Age 24
"Way better than those cheap $1 ones from China."
I got this from a Bundle, and I am in love with it. The squared body makes gripping it way easier, and the tips are thicker than the usual cheap comedo extractor, making it less likely for the skin to tear when you press on the same spot more to remove stubborn blackheads. LOVE LOVE LOVE!
Skin types Combination
Age 30
"Surprisingly not gimmicky but expensive"
I received this in a bundle I purchased from Wishtrend. I didn't plan on buying it because it seems gimmicky but since I got it as part of my package, I take it as it's free. I thought this is pure marketing because I have a brandless comedo remover that I purchased from China for $1 INCLUSIVE OF SHIPPING. And it works alright in my opinion.

So a few days ago, I noticed some hard bumps on my face and wanted to use my old comedo remover but noticed that it was dirty and I was too lazy to scrub it. Thus, I opened up the skinmiso one. God, it is squeaky in its metal case and I detested the sound of metal squeaking against each other.

Looked gorgeous however, when I took it out, it had a certain weight to it and the cube cut of the rod makes holding it much easier than my old one. In addition, the wires that make up the shapes at each end is thicker and feels sturdier. I am surprised that it works more easily than my old one. I can't imagine that a simple comedo remover could vary in efficiency. It took me way less time to extract most of the comedo on my face and boy, was it satisfying.

On a side note, it's better for average to large sized bumps. It is rather useless against tiny bumps. Then again, my old comedo extractor didn't work with tiny bumps either so I guess you simply can't extract tiny bumps or you need a specialised tool of tiny bumps.

So anyway, in conclusion I'm impressed with this item. Haven't reached for my old one since I started using this. This is also easier to clean. I don't know if water might get trapped in the holes though, maybe you can blow dry it if it bothers you. I might do that next time.

All in all, I enjoy this item. I still think it's pricy for a comedo extractor. But hey, it works well so I guess it's not a huge issue. If you can pay for Starbucks, you can afford this.
Skin types Combination
Age 32
"great tool"
This is a very useful tool. It is easy to clean/disinfect since it is made out of metal. Very sturdy and will probably last a lifetime.
Skin types Combination
Age 18
I have already been using this product for a pretty long time, for about two years. I got it with the skinmiso nose pore pack, but once I finished using the pads, I started using it after steaming my skin. And my pores have become so much cleaner! I am in love with it and it defenitely worth the mony.
/ 5
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