Gentle Black Cleansing Puff

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4.5 4.5
Skin types Combination
Age 16
"Great Cleansing Tool!"
I once tried a face sponge, but wasn't blown away by it. Now, much later, I tried this since I like most Klairs products. I like this a LOT more! In the morning, I use it with the charcoal soap. I wipe it a bit into my skin, and then off my face. At night, I use it to emulsify and remove my black oil cleanser. It works well with both types of cleansers, and especially in regards to the oil cleanser, my face feels even cleaner. My only reason for not giving this a 5 is this: You need to be careful with it. I like to scrub my face a bit in the morning with this, but if I put too much pressure on it feels scratchy on my face. Of course, it's a sponge and not my fingers, so I should be careful with it, but I thought I would be able to scrub a bit harsher with this if I wanted to and it still be gentle. (It's still way more gentle than harsher tools like brushes from Clarisonic & others.) Other than that, no problems. Also, it dries a lot faster than expected - although I would recommend flipping it over once or twice to let it dry fully (or maybe have it vertical to fully dry?).
/ 5
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