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This package is very nourishing however i prefer the original toner..i like the smell
Skin types Dry
Age 25
"Great results"
Skin was left glowing. Really liked the toner and serum. Toner left my skin hydrated, the serum was light on my skin, the mask felt nice and hydrating, was too heavy and sticky for me, caused lots of tiny pimples on my face. I've stopped using it, then I've read a review that somebody washed it off in the mornings for the same reasons and it was ok. So i'm going to try it once more, just washing it off after the night.
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"Sponge pad is the selling point"
The sponge pad in this product is really the selling point for this. it doesn't absorb youré toner and helps hydrating the skin. The cotton pad is just normal. i just wished it was a little softer on the skin. I just hope that they will sell the sponge pad separate in the future.
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"Love, Love, Love it"
All the products I ordered came within 1 week to Albania. Surprised how quick!.
Free shipping. Happy!
Free samples of many other products. Enjoyed! and ready to put other orders
Love all the products. Love them all.
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"Incomplete package"
Hi, buy:
Aloe Soothing Sun Cream SPF50 + PA +++
COSRX Low pH Good Morning Gel
COSRX Ultimate Overnight Mask Duo
WISH RECIPE Glass Skin Recipe
My package arrived today AND I did not receive Klairs Freshly Juiced Vitamin E Mask 90ml
Where can I file a complaint or clarification? I paid for the full package, I had previously bought and something like this had never happened to me before.
/ 5
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