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"No more pimples T_T !!!!"
It was my first time using active ingredients and it made me purge really bad. I guess it was also because I didn't really know what I was doing. The vitamin C serum turned yellow quickly even though I kept it in the fridge and away from the sun so I couldn't use the serum much and I couldn't fade my scars. but after 3 months, I don't regret my decision on buying this!! The mandelic acid toner isn't harsh and my skin has never felt more softer. it's an amazing exfoliant. I have combination skin and used to have really have bad acne around my forehead, at the sides of my face and chin. All my pimples, tiny and big are gone except for the occasional breakouts. The vitamin 75 maximising cream is so hydrating!! When I wake up, my skin feels hydrated and dewy. This package is worth it!! the cotton pads, masks and free samples are a plus as well! the barrier cream helps my skin heal quickly. I'd it's worth it but if you're new to active ingredients, just make sure you introduce the products slowly, don't rush and don't use the products all together at once. I give it 4 stars because I'm still upset that I didn't get to experiment the serum more huhu.
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"Everything good except for Mandelic Skin Prep Water"
I'm on skin problems since basically my teens, so I'm quite a challege...

First weeks I was impressed by TECA cream. I felt like it really did a nice job protecting my skin from new breakouts, its texture is somewat sticky so I'd always leave it until the last step.
Vitamin 75: It was nice, really moisturizing, I was lookin for something to repair my skin after sun exposure which is an everyday matter where I live, near the tropics!
Vitamin C: maybe a little harsh for my skin, so I don't use it everyday.
Cotton pads: I thought these were just a plus, but they were actually quite useful removing all those death skin cell. I was in love with them.
Mask: Whoaaa This! was the one I never expected to love so much. First, its texture is amaaazing, I felt hopeless when I used this one, trying to find a moisturizer that really fitted my skin. No moisturizer would work for me more than 2 hours, for real, not even hyaluronic acid creams! I tried it overnight and next day my face felt really nice. When I tried it throughout the day, I had no disappointment, the hydrating effect lasts a lot!
I don't know what is the wonder ingredient here, maybe Vitamin B, beta-glucan? the combination with hyaluronic acid? I dunno, but I definitively will be looking for its ingredients in my next purchases.

Now, Mandelic Skin Prep Water: ohhh gosh, this one is the only tough one! My skin turned out to be awfully sensitive to this exfoliator. I just followed instructions, put some water onto a cotton pad, rubbed it gentl.... ohh I can't even end up this phrase without remembering the itching and pain it caused me.

Overall I will definitively be looking forward to purchase most of the products :)
Skin types Sensitive
Age 28
"Hormonal Acne"
I have consistently tried these products with and without my acne medicine for my hormonal acne. While this care package did help clear my pimples and even out my skin tone, it didn't help with my small bumps. Without my acne medicine, my skin texture would be rough but I still enjoyed all the products. TECA cream is, HANDS DOWN, my favorite product in the care package. I will be repurchasing that when I run out.
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Loving this package, It will give you noticeable difference in just a week at a very low price... really worth it
Skin types Combination
Age 25
"I'm impressed"
All in all, using the products from Total Acne Care Package helped me with my skin (combination, very sensitive). I've been using the products for over a month now and i have to say I'm impressed. I'm a huge fan of the Vitamin C serum, although i cannot use it every day, it would irritate my skin if i did. But using it every other day is enough to give amazing results. Almost all of my really stubborn acne scars are gone. Mandelic Acid Skin Prep Water is my holy grail, really. I swear it's the only AHA toner that doesn't irritate my skin and it exfoliates nicely. I use it twice a week and it's definitely enough to keep my skin soft and smooth. I really like the sheet mask as well, you can wear it for a really long time and it moisturizes very very well. As for the creams, i do like the TECA 1% one, it helps with my acne and acne marks, it heals a lot faster than when i do not use the cream. I'm not a huge fan of the Vitamin 75 maximizing cream though. I use it at night (for the morning routine i have a different cream) because it leaves a little bit of a greasy residue and does not absorb quickly but i feel like it's not moisturizing enough. So from all of the package i would only change this cream. Cotton pads are a nice touch, i like to use them with my toners from time to time. They're very soft and do not irritate.
All in all i'm really pleased with the purchase and will definitely buy some of the products again.
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