Magnolia Sleep Mask (Magnolia Water 69%)

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"Perfect for Oily Skin"
I was hesitant to buy this since my skin is so oily and I thought it was just going to make it worse. However, I was super curious about trying an overnight mask. Sure enough, this mask transformed my skin. I rarely write reviews but I had to for this mask. My acne significantly decreased in such a short amount of time after I started using this. I would describe this mask as a glorified water gel mask but wow it works! If you're looking to try something new to help with your acne, I recommend giving it a shot. And don't worry, you get used to the scent and stickiness after a couple times.
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"Já comprei"
Comprei e estou no aguardo mas confio no conteudo por causa da Midori
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"Best cotton pads around"
ok so, the reason I really love these is there's two different types of pads in it, one for wiping away extra stuff left over after a shower like dead skin, the the pad to actually dab your toner in. AND the pad for dabbing in the toner, doesn't waste any of the toner in the pad because it acts like a sponge and doesn't get trapped in it. When I use other pads, I feel like most of my toner is being wasted in the pad because its just absorbing it. So now, I only purchase these. Also, they're a great price so WIN WIN!
Skin types Oily
Age 33
I have a oily and acne prone skin. But our skin requires more hydration. This sleeping mask gave calmness and kept it hydrated all night. When in morning i wake up there is a glow in my face.
Skin types Combination
Age 16
"Light but Hydrating Sleep Pack"
I really like this sleep pack, and I prefer it over what I was using before (Klairs Vit E Mask). I got this just so that I'd have a Niacinamide-free sleep pack to use, and then ended up falling in love. This has a very soft gel-like texture that's super smooth and easy to move around. It definitely smells florally (almost like peony perfumes?) from the magnolia water, which does last on your face. I personally like this and it helps me fall asleep, but if you don't like florals or your skin is sensitive even to natural fragrances I'd stay away. It holds in moisture overnight but doesn't make my T-Zone oily in the morning or cause me to breakout. It leaves a light layer on my skin and while soft and hydrated to the touch, it isn't too sticky. If you want a good basic sleep pack, this works well, and you don't have to worry about it interacting with any actives you might use at night. Here's why I don't give it a perfect 5/5: 1) I wish there wasn't any added fragrance at all. There is some fragrance added along with the pure magnolia water, which I think is unnecessary. 2) There's a small amount of plain alcohol in the ingredients list. It's at the bottom, but still, it seems unnecessary. 3) I wish there was some more Centella Asiatica extract, Aloe Leaf extract, and the others. Since 79% of this is just magnolia water, I feel like there could be more benefits from using it from lowering it a little.
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