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"The Best cleansing mask"
I am very glad that decided to buy this mask. It cleans better than any mask I've tried before.
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"Patch test before using!!"
Unfortunately I seem to have had an adverse reaction to the mask as I took it off after 20 minutes to find my skin is red and blotchy and there's a distinct line around my face where the mask was and wasn't applied so remember to patch test any new skin product before use or you'll learn the hard way!! :/
Skin types Combination
Age 16
"Good, but Drying"
This mask has been great for my acne! Even after my first use, the acne on my forehead was drastically less red and healed quickly. It was very drying for me though, and a bit difficult to rinse off. When removing, it was harsh when rinsing off and hurt. So you need to really wet your face before using your fingers to rinse off, and be careful when rinsing off with fingers. And make sure to use moisturizing skincare after this, it really dries it out. At least for my combo skin.
Skin types Oily
Age 21
I'm so happy to have found this brand! I use this mask once a week in combination with the I'm From Honey mask (since December) that I love even more and recommend! But still, I also recommend this one! They both have different purposes that work miraculously! I have a poor diet, always thought that this was why skincare products always made me break out, or just didn't do anything to improve it. But this proved me otherwise! I mean, still eat healthy, it's important! Aha. But it still does a lot alone. Best masks I've ever tried! I also have two other masks of theirs but I haven't tried them yet, don't feel the need to change up my current routine that works wonder!
Skin types Combination
Age 23
"Patch test before use!"
This product has such amazing, rave reviews but I can't stress the importance of patch testing before you, in blind hype, smear the product all over your face without so much of a second thought. The first few seconds of application left my skin feeling tingly. A sensible person would immediately wash the product off, but because it's cold here in Canada, I associated the tingles with my cool surroundings. After the 8-10 minute mark, I washed the product off to reveal my face red, irritated, and slightly numb. It's so red, you could distinguish the line between my red face and my skin on my jaw line. Unfortunately, this product is now useless to me and I will never see the benefits of it's assets from what I read in the reviews... Patch test, no matter how good the reviews are!
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