4 Simple Rules to Find a Good Korean BB Cream For Acne Prone Skin!

June 15, 2018 | By Bronwyn Papineau
One of the hardest things for women with acne prone skin, is finding foundations that won't cause irritation or stimulate acne breakouts. Don’t despair just yet, there are some key factors you can take into play when choosing a foundation or Korean bb cream that will be gentle enough even for those with acne prone sensitive skin types.

Here are some tips to set you on the right path when it comes to choosing your base makeup.

Let's assume you have already ruled out the fact that you have acne prone skin. But let's drive a little deep to better understand what your underlying concerns are. Generally when one has acne prone skin, there are hidden factors that cause the acne breakouts in the first place. This makes knowing your skin concerns one of the most important steps to choosing foundation or Korean bb cream for acne prone skin. Aside from acne, your skin concerns might consist of one or more of the following:
  • Oily skin
  • Large pores
  • Dry skin
  • Irritable skin
  • Fine lines
  • Aging
  • Dark spots discoloration
Identifying one of more of these concerns alongside your acne is the first step to finding the base makeup that will best suit your skin. Once you have figured out your personal skin concerns, it’s time to move onto the next step.
2: Understanding Product Claims
Now that you know your skin concerns, you will be able to choose a foundation or Korean bb cream for acne prone skin that will actually be beneficial to you. Whenever you shop for any type of base makeup, you always want to be sure to read up on the products claims. The claims of a foundation or Korean bb cream is what will help you identify if a product will be suitable for your skin. This includes your skin type and skin concerns. As foundations and bb cream come in all different forms, not every product will be the right choice for you. So before you purchase your next base makeup product, be sure to read the packaging for what exactly the product does for the skin.
Here are some examples of product claims to look for:

3: Pay Attention to Ingredients
If you are an acne sufferer, a major habit you need to make is taking up ingredient knowledge. One of the major causes for acne triggers is the ingredients used in products which are applied to the skin. There are loads of ingredients that are common acne triggers that can lead those who have acne prone skin to experience unwanted pimple flair ups. If you are not already an avid ingredient list checker, then this is one habit you need to form. When it comes to finding a foundation or a Korean bb cream for acne prone skin, be sure to carefully look at the ingredients list of the product. Look for products that contain gentle and non-irritation or acne stimulating formulas.
However, we do understand this process can be tedious if you’re not already familiar with many ingredients. Thankfully there are online directories such as cosDNA and can help you analyze product ingredients to understand what may and may not break you out. The fewer ingredients that are known to trigger acne, the better your changes are for finding a foundation or a Korean bb cream for acne prone skin that will work for you.
4: Always Check Reviews
If you are not already doing this, then it is time you start. If you have acne prone or sensitive skin, checking online reviews for a foundation or a Korean bb cream for acne prone skin you’re interested in trying is of utmost importance. Thankfully we have access to the vast world of the internet, where you can browse reviews of all kinds of cosmetics. Reviews will be your skins saving grace if you want to stay clear of unexpected acne breakouts. So before you go impulse shopping, be sure to search online for some review of the product you’re considering. You might find out from other testers that the product works amazing on acne prone skin types… or doesn’t.
Our Recommendations
Now that you know the best 4 steps to take initiative on before purchasing a foundation or Korean bb cream for acne prone skin, it’s time we share our top 2 favorite options that we absolutely love for acne prone skin sufferers!

  • [KLAIRS] Supple Illuminating BB Cream
    The Klairs bb cream has been a long time top seller on Wishtrend.com due to the fact that it is suitable for multiple skin types and concerns. Focusing on providing dry, sensitive, irritable, and acne prone skin sufferers with a Korean bb cream for acne prone skin that will help calm, hydrate, nourish, smooth pores and fine lines as well as provide a light to medium coverage. This best selling bb cream is the best bet for those who suffer with adult acne and want an everyday bb cream that will target all adult skin concern in one fell-swoop.
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