4 Simple Ways to Utilize a Blackhead Face Mask!

May 31, 2018 | By Bronwyn Papineau
Blackheads are one of the top skin concerns around aside from acne pimples. They are persistent, rather constant and can be considered unsightly, but don’t let this get to you. Blackheads can be managed in multiple ways as long as you take the proper steps to extract, treat and prevent them from forming! Let us teach you the 4 best ways you can utilize a blackhead mask to achieve all these steps from home!
Utilizing a Blackhead Face Mask in 4 Different Ways

#1 Evening Treatments
When we think of blackhead face masks, we often link them to occasional usage for special treatments. However this doesn’t have to be the case! Depending on the severity and / or how often blackheads form in your pores, a blackhead face mask might need to be used more regularly to aid in the prevention and slow down the formation of recurring blackheads.
Those who feel they experience blackhead formation on a weekly basis might need to use a blackhead face mask more often than others may. Generally, people who have oily skin types, or combination oily skin are more often experiencing the formation of blackheads.
In this case, a mask might be required as a step in your evening routine to help control the excessive oil production in your skin. However, because this treatment method would be a daily occurance, it is best to use a blackhead face mask that is gentle on the skin and will not overly strip the skin of its natural moisture barrier.

#2 Spot Treatments
Depending on your skin type, you might only experience blackheads in an abundance in a specific area of the face. This type of blackhead production is more often seen in those with combination skin types and even dry skin types. These blackheads form in an isolated area either due to the excessive oil product in one specific area such as the nose and forehead, or areas that are excessively dry where the pores become “sealed” due to dry skin build up.
In these cases, the entire face does not need to be treated with a blackhead face mask to be effective. Instead, use a blackhead face mask strictly on the areas that are experiencing the formation of blackheads. This can be done regularly or when you feel it is needed. However, because these skin types generally are more on the dry to combination side of the spectrum, it is recommended that you use a blackhead face mask that is gentle yet powerful at the same time. Use a face mask that is focused on detoxing and oil absorbing but is also hydrating and slightly nourishing. This way, you are less likely to harm the skin by increasing the dryness due to excessive oil absorption.

#3 Extracting with AfterCare
Aside from just using a mask to reduce oil and prevent blackheads, it also is important that you take the proper measures into mind when both extracting and utilizing proper aftercare. When you extract your blackheads with cotton buds or tools(after showering or cleansing), it is always important you follow up with the proper aftercare to ensure that the pores have been completely cleared, deep cleaned and tightened.
To do so, it is important to use a blackhead face mask that will focus on deep cleansing pores, soothe the skin, and tighten the pores shut by encouraging the improvement of skin elasticity. Combining all these factors will ensure that your skin will remain blackhead free for longer, no matter what skin type you have! Bottom line is, you always should follow up with a blackhead face mask that is strong in those key factors to ensure the best results.

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#4 Exfoliating with Clay
When we think of clay masks and blackheads, we often associate the two as simple wash-off masks that sit on the skin until dry. However, when using the right clay mask, you can actually encourage and create a gentle yet effective skin exfoliation that helps to remove blackheads and dead skin cells. If you have dry, combination skin with blackheads, this is the best way to treat and prevent their formation at the same time.
The usage of volcanic clay masks promotes deep pore cleansing that also detoxifies the skin. This form of clay not only provides these effects but also contains an abundance of natural minerals that work to lift away dead skin cells that can clog the pores, resulting in blackhead formation. By utilizing these types of blackhead face masks, you are not only preventing blackheads but also exfoliating them away.
To do this, apply the mask to freshly cleansed and dry skin as you normally would, then processed to massage the mask over the areas you feel need to be exfoliated. Gently massage in small circular motions until you feel the skin becoming slightly smoother. Allow the mask to sit on the skin for 5-10 or until dry then rinse off. Repeat this method as needed either once a week or every few weeks to maintain clear and smooth skin!

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And there you have it! The 4 ways that you can utilize a blackhead face mask to prevent, remove and treat the pores to get rid of blackheads. These at home steps can easily be achieved by following the step that best suits your skin, along with the best recommended mask for your skins specific needs.
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