[Cruelty Free Brand Week] Save Your Skin with the Best Cruelty Free Products Combination!

May 24, 2018 | By Gina Myung
It’s the start of Cruelty-Free Brand Week here at Wishtrend! Ever since our foundation, we’ve continued to do our best to bring only the highest-quality products to you, our customers, all while upholding our belief that we need to take a stand in the cosmetic industry to fight for animal rights. In an effort to raise awareness of ongoing animal cruelty in the industry, as well as bring light to the amazing variety of cruelty free products you can find, we’ve started this one week promotion so that you can take part in the fight against animal testing.

This promotion featured discounts on some of Wishtrend’s most beloved cruelty free products from great brands like Klairs, By Wishtrend, Jungle Botanics, Im From, Skin & Lab, Chica y Chico and Cosrx. Even better? A portion of each of your precious purchases will be donated to the Beagle Rescue Network located in Korea so that you do a favor not only to your skin, but also the earth. Read more to see what the must-have cruelty free products are here at Wishtrend, and why you need them in your routine!
All you need to know about Cruelty Free Brand Week!
Must-buy cruelty free products during Brand Week

[KLAIRS] Stay Beagley Badge

  • Price: $4.00
  • Why Shop For It? A good cause for a purchase!
    In August 2016, New York passsed the Beagle Freedom Law which is a step forward to decrease the amount of beagles that are used in animal testing. Inspired by the enactment of the 'Beagle Freedom Law', the Stay Beagley project was created in collaboration with KLAIRS to help spread awareness and give back to the community.

[WISH RECIPE] Glass Skin Recipe

  • Original Price: $76.89
  • Cruelty-Free Week Price: $49.98 (take 35% OFF)
  • Why Shop For It? The biggest skincare trend of the year, GLASS SKIN! Not so hard to get it!
    Everyone is still talking about how to get 'glass skin'. Skin that glows from within and makes you look so healthy and lively! But as long as you have the right products, it's not so hard to get it after all. Wait no more and achieve glass skin with the help of 3 key items that will moisturize your skin from deep within and brighten your overall skin and bring back the glow!
  • Review :
    "I've only been using this magnolia serum for a short time but I'm really impressed with it. I feel that it's effectively hydrating and brightening and the scent is very light and pleasant. When the serum meets the toner and vitamin e mask, the more glowy and more deeply hydrated the skin feels! - Gabrielle ****

[KLAIRS] 2 Step Delay Aging Kit

  • Original Price: $54.50
  • Cruelty-Free Week Price: $40.88 (take 25% OFF)
  • Why Shop For It? Turn back the clock in two simple steps
    Protect the skin’s youth with the duo that turns back the clock. Use the Midnight Blue Youth Activating Drop to replenish the skin of key nutrients necessary to retain elasticity, and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Made with only 10 core ingredients, the serum allows you to go to bed and wake up to a plumper complexion without any worry of irritation from harsh chemicals or fillers. Follow up with the Midnight Blue Calming Cream, fortified with calming and soothing ingredients like centella asiatica and guaiazulene, to calm the skin from irritation built up throughout the day, and even repair signs of environmental damage. With proven effects in just 2 weeks, delay signs of aging with this powerful duo!
  • Review :
    “I bought this product right after the launch of the serum. I use this in combination 2-3 times a week. So far I could see a visible difference in lines on my forehead and on my neck. Also, this seems to improve acne scars and texture I have on my cheeks. Will continue to use it to see how it affects my skin in the long run! But overall the serum seems to be a good investment for your 20s to make in combating the most common skin issues” - Arooj K***

[WISH RECIPE] Simple Anti-Aging Recipe

  • Original Price: $58.80
  • Cruelty-Free Week Price: $38.22 (take 35% OFF)
  • Why Shop For It? The REAL DEAL of ANTI-AGING!
    When two of the best anti-aging products on Wishtrend meets, wrinkles fade and elasticity of the skin improves. With the help of two of the mos effective anti-aging ingredients; peptides and ginseg, the skin will be repaired and nourished, making the skin into an overal healthy and purified condition. Target specifc areas with wrinkles with the blue drop and then deeply nouish the skin with the ginseng mask!
  • Review :
    “the ginseng mask i absolutely adore! immediate result of bright and tight skin! can feel it do it's magic once you put it on....” - Nicole S******

[KLAIRS] 2 Step Freshly Juiced Brightening Set

  • Original Price: $50.00
  • Cruelty-Free Week Price: $37.50 (take 25% OFF)
  • Why Shop For It? Brighter complexion and scar-free skin with the duo
    Meet two of the most beloved brightening care products on Klairs! The perfect combo that will no only help you improve dull complexion but also fade acne scars and pigmentation with the efficient and effective vitamin C and vitamin E care! Vitamin C works best with the help of Vitamin E since the absorption rate improves. After applying Vitamin C serum at night, complete your skincare with Vitamin E mask and be amazed with the difference the next morning!
  • Review :
    “This vitamin C serum in conjunction with the Klairs Vitamin E mask leave my skin sooo soft and smooth it's absolutely wonderful. I've also observed fading in my acne scars thanks to this vitamin drop product. It is like a somewhat thick oil drop [says the person who doesn't normally use face oils]. It does sting when you apply it but I've never had an irritated reaction - this is just the normal sensation of it working its magic and the stinging usually fades in about 5min. I highly recommend this product and the Vitamin E mask.” - Nicole S******

[KLAIRS] 2 Step Day Blue Set

  • Original Price: $44.50
  • Cruelty-Free Week Price: $33.38 (take 25% OFF)
  • Why Shop For It? Protect the skin during the day, and soothe at night
    The power of blue has got you covered from day to night. Protect the skin from harmful UV rays with the Mid-day Blue Sun Lotion, which provides the skin with mild cooling effects to counteract the skin damaging effects of heat. It’s light blue hue is more than appealing to the eye - it also works to brighten the skin tone for a naturally flawless look throughout the day. The Midnight Blue Calming Cream heals the skin from a long day, with it’s intensive soothing capabilities, and deep yet gentle moisturizing properties so you can wake up to rejuvenated skin in the morning!
  • Review :
    “The Midnight blue cream has really changed my skin for the better. My skin can be very sensitive and I would always have scars caused by acne. When I first used the cream I saw results in a few hours. There was no more redness it was so soothing. I started using it for my acne scars after watching the Wished TV episode and it was such a huge help in fading the scars over time. It really brought up my confidence. I really love the Sunscreen as well. It blends well and spreads easily and has awesome coverage for sun protection. It helps protect your skin from the heat as well as UV rays. A great sunscreen for sensitive skin.” - Areli L*****

[KLAIRS] 2 Step Natural Makeup Set

  • Original Price: $38.99
  • Cruelty-Free Week Price: $29.24 (take 25% OFF)
  • Why Shop For It? For that naturally flawless “my skin but better” look
    Like my skin but better, the Illuminating Supple Blemish Cream and Creamy & Natural Fit Concealer duo work to give a lightweight, natural finish. Dubbed the “Mochi BB,” the Illuminating Supple Blemish Cream has reached worldwide fame for its easy-to-apply formula that keeps the skin hydrated throughout the day, while providing ample coverage throughout the day. When paired with the Creamy & Natural Fit Concealer, which is known for its long lasting wear and comfortable satin finish, people will think you have naturally flawless skin!
  • Review :
    “This BB cream is exactly what I was looking for. I wanted something with light coverage, looks natural, moisturizing, and won't break me out. The concealer is good for extra coverage and covering things like blackheads and blemishes because the BB cream alone can't do that, but it does even out the overall tone of the skin and give you a healthy glow. I found it to last a while without breaking down/separating. The best thing about it is that it doesn't cling to my dry patches, which is almost always an issue for me with other products (I have very dry skin).” - Amy J**

[KLAIRS] 2 Step Calm Night Set

  • Original Price: $47.50
  • Cruelty-Free Week Price: $35.63 (take 25% OFF)
  • Why Shop For It? Soothing relief for revitalized skin the next morning
    Sometimes, the motions of daily life not only brings you down, but also your skin. Different environmental factors, and even stress, can fatigue your skin, which is why it’s crucial the skin needs a good night of rest. Wake up to comfortable skin in the morning with the Klairs Freshly Juiced Vitamin Drop, a gentle, hypoallergenic serum fortified with pure vitamin C to brighten and rejuvenate the complexion. Suitable for all skin types for its carefully formulated ingredient list, it’s the perfect way to achieve glowing skin, without the pain of a conventional vitamin C serum. Follow up with the Midnight Blue Calming Cream to rapidly calm and soothe redness and irritation, to say hello to healthy skin!
  • Review :
    “These products go together like peanut butter and jelly! I saw instant brightening overnight with the vitamin serum which helped lighten up my acne scars while the calming cream helped heal and calm down my pimples. Would definitely repurchase!” - Huifang L*

[KLAIRS] 2 Step Natural Fresh Makeup Set

  • Original Price: $49.99
  • Cruelty-Free Week Price: $37.49 (take 25% OFF)
  • Why Shop For It? Maintains a light, fresh, natural glow throughout the day
    Sometimes we opt to skip sunscreen just because we want to avoid the greasy, uncomfortable feeling of it sitting under our makeup. This is why the Mid-day Blue Sun Lotion was born. Free of unnecessary oils, this sun lotion derives its UV and heat protective powers from the soothing properties of guaiazulene and other minerals, for a lightweight, hydrating wear. It not only protects the skin from irritation and heat, its light blue color corrects redness and evens out the skin tone for a flawless finish when paired with the natural, comfortable finish of the Illuminating Supple Blemish Cream.
  • Review :
    “I usually enjoy lightweight makeup because my skin feels itchy when I wear more than 3 layers. This 2-step makeup is perfect for my sensitive skin and the hot weather. The sun lotion is non-greasy, so it helps keep my base makeup fresh. If you want lightweight makeup I recommend this kit!” - Karen H***

[KLAIRS] 3 Step Gentle Deep Cleansing Set

  • Original Price: $58.88
  • Cruelty-Free Week Price: $44.16 (take 25% OFF)
  • Why Shop For It? Tackles acne and other concerns at its core
    Cleansing is not only the first step of a good skincare routine, it’s the first and most crucial step in the road to flawless skin. The Gentle Black Deep Cleansing Kit is a three step process designed to reach deep into the pores to rid the skin of any impurities that can later lead to acne, and other skin concerns. Made with natural ingredients such as black bean, black sugar and charcoal, this oil, scrub and soap trio are gentle on the skin, but powerfully effective, making them some of the best cruelty free products on the market. The oil removes makeup and other impurities, the scrub gentle exfoliates dead skin cells, and the soap gives a final cleanse for perfect, clear skin.
  • Review :
    “Like I said in the title I have sensitive, dry, acne prone skin. Naturally, I'm very scared of trying things that might make my skin worse. The scrub caused no irritation and my skin did not feel dry at all after I did it. I use the soap every night after I wash my face with oil to remove my makeup. I always make sure to lather the soap until it makes white bubbles, for some reason it makes my skin feel more moisturized. Totally recommend it!” - Miyeon S**

[BY WISHTREND] 2 Step Vitamin Enhancing Set

  • Original Price: $44.49
  • Cruelty-Free Week Price: $33.37 (take 25% OFF)
  • Why Shop For It? Brightens and brings life to a dull complexion
    Just like we need to take vitamins to better our health, the skin also needs vitamins to stay healthy. The Pure Vitamin C 21.5% Advanced Serum continues to be one of the top-selling vitamin C serums on the market for its high concentration of pure vitamin C, at a whopping 21.5%. It’s non-sticky formula absorbs easily into the skin for intense hydration and brightening. When paired with the Natural Vitamin 21.5 Enhancing Sheet Mask, the pure goodness of vitamin C is able to stay locked in the skin to bring back life to a dull, lifeless complexion.
  • Review :
    “Even though It is vitamin C serum, It's not sticky. It's good for moisturizing and leaves my skin glowing. And The sheet mask is really thin so it sticks on to my face well and after you take it off, my face feels fresh without any stickiness. if you want to boost the effect of vitamin C, I recommend this set.” - Tiffany K

[I'M FROM] Honey Duo

  • Original Price: $68.48
  • Cruelty-Free Week Price: $51.36 (take 25% OFF)
  • Why Shop For It? Rich nourishment for healthy, happy skin
    Sometimes, we have to make sacrifices for our skin. The I’m From Honey Duo is a great example. Fortified with 38.7% real organic honey from Mt. Jiri, the Honey Mask delivers rich nutrients and intense hydration to the skin for a more firm, plump complexion, while the Honey Cream hydrates and moisturizes the complexion to rid any signs of dryness, reduce the appearance of fine lines, and even brighten the complexion! Rather than being sticky just like real honey, the duo is rich and creamy, making it comfortable when applied. But watch out! Its naturally sweet aroma might make you want to take a bite!
  • Review :
    “I used it on my boyfriends skin who has very sensitive skin and some blemishes from acne. After using it his skin felt super soft like a child, the skin had no bad reaction, it was very soothing. And the honey cream helps you skin feel more moisturized. I can definitely say "I'm From" has a very impressive mask line! Amazing! :)” - Elly K*******
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