The Best Moisturizer for Dry Skin and Other Skin Concerns!

May 16, 2018 | By Gina Myung
One of the most exciting parts of building a skincare routine is how customizable it is. Starting from toner, to serum and essence, there are so many different types of products on the market that you can hand select in order to better cater to your specific skincare needs. Last time, we came to you with our top essence recommendations for your skin type. Today, we’re here with moisturizers - one of the most important parts of a good skincare routine. While we know we need one, when it comes to choosing one, it can be quite daunting because of plethora of variations we can find. So here’s a quick guide to finding the best moisturizer for dry skin, and other skin concerns, based on skin types. Choose your weapon!

What are the benefits of moisturizers?
No matter what skin type you have, it’s essential that you finish with a moisturizer to lock in all the nutrients of your skincare routine, and keep your skin feeling and looking healthy. Aside from keeping the skin hydrated, moisturizers also carry several other surprising benefits for the skin.
1. Maintains elasticity
Taking care to moisturize your skin everyday can help keep your skin plump, and even reduce the appearance of fine lines. As the skin matures, oil production decreases and dehydrates the skin making moisturizers an integral part of your skincare routine starting from an early age to maintain a hydrated, glowing, plump complexion. Similar to aging, dryness can lead to increased fine lines, wrinkles, dullness and loss of elasticity, which can be prevented by simply adding a moisturizer to your daily skincare routine.
2. Controls oil production and fights acne
Some people believe that oily skin should be fought by skipping the most effective way to actually fight oil: moisturizing. By applying a moisturizer on a daily basis, you can ultimately help reduce oil by bringing back balance to the skin’s oil-water levels, and regulate oil production. The same applies to acne-prone skin, and can even help to reduce the formation of whiteheads, blackheads, and pimples by preventing excessive oil production clogs that usually clogs pores.
3. Strengthens the skin’s barrier
The skin is constantly repairing itself and producing skin cells to replace, strengthen, and replenish the skin. The face, ears and neck are the most sensitive areas of your skin, and the daily loss of skin cells on these areas leave them vulnerable to dryness and the surrounding environment. Adding a moisturizer to your routine gives your skin a protective boost to stay healthy.
Choosing the right moisturizer for your skin type
Your skin is constantly giving you clues as to what it needs the most, which is why it’s crucial that you choose a moisturizer according to your specific skincare concerns. For example, the best moisturizer for dry skin is going to be different than the best moisturizer for oily skin, and the best moisturizer for sensitive skin is going to be different than the best moisturizer for dry skin. Read below to see which moisturizer your skin is calling out for.
1) All Skin Types
  • What to look for in a moisturizer: When looking for a universal moisturizer, or one for a constantly changing skin type, choose a moisturizer that delivers plenty of moisture while staying lightweight on the skin. Rather than going for a product that caters to a specific need, reach for a moisturizer that targets a multitude of skin issues, including acne, excessive oil production, and dryness.
  • Products to try: [KLAIRS] Rich Moist Soothing Cream

  • For more details: click here
2) Dry Skin
  • What to look for in a moisturizer: The best moisturizer for dry skin is going to be one that delivers moisture and hydration deep into the skin, that can be maintained for long periods of time. Unlike other skin types, dry skin can better handle richer oil based products and can even benefit from heavy formulations. This is why those with dry skin need products that double down on moisture, and can even reach for products that are fortified with additional ingredients like vitamins, which help to maintain a plump, elastic complexion.
  • Products to try: [KLAIRS] Freshly Juiced Vitamin E Mask

  • For more details: click here
3) Post Acne Removal
  • What to look for in a moisturizer: For those struggling with sensitive skin after acne removal, you have to be even more careful when choosing your moisturizer. Post acne removal, the complexion can be sensitive to touch, and can even be met with acne scarring and pigmentation. Look out for creams that can soothe the skin, but also deliver relief to spots directly after treatment.
  • Products to try: [BY WISHTREND] Teca 1% Barrier Cream

  • For more details: click here
4) Oily Skin
  • What to look for in a moisturizer: As expected, those with oily skin are going to need a different product than the best moisturizer for dry skin. Contrary to the richer, more oil-based products that dry skin needs, stick to lighter products that allow the skin to breath, while also delivering hydration to the complexion. Finding the right moisturizer will help to balance oil levels and keep the skin happy and healthy.
  • Products to try: [I'M FROM] Vitamin Tree Water Gel

  • For more details: click here
5) Concerned with Blackheads & Enlarged Pores
  • What to look for in a moisturizer:If you feel like your pores have lately been more noticeable than usual, try going for a moisturizer that functions to tighten pores, and increase elasticity. Because nighttime is the prime time for skin regeneration, and is when your products will work best, even opting for a more powerful treatment cream can be a good option.
  • Products to try: [SKINMISO] Pore Zero Night Cream

  • For more details: click here
6) Dull Skin
  • What to look for in a moisturizer:Those that struggle with a dull complexion should consider adding an exfoliating element to their routine, and look out for brightening agents. Vitamin E and C in particular are great for giving a natural glow back to the skin, and can even help with exfoliating away any traces of flaky skin.
  • Products to try: [BY WISHTREND] Vitamin 75 Maximizing Cream

  • For more details: click here
7) Sensitive & Irritated Skin
  • What to look for in a moisturizer:The key to choosing a moisturizer for sensitive and irritated skin is looking at the ingredient list. Those with sensitive skin should avoid any irritants, such as dyes, fragrances, excessive alcohol, and sulfates, and look for products with soothing capabilities and a natural ingredient list. Calming ingredients such as guaiazulene are great for reducing signs of irritation, and even work to repair the skin’s barrier.
  • Products to try: [KLAIRS] Midnight Blue Calming Cream

  • For more details: click here
Choose the best one for your skin!

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