Protect the Skin from UV Rays with Our Top 3 Best Sunblock For Face!

May 15, 2018 | By Bronwyn Papineau
One of the top things I always make sure to stress the most when it comes to building a skincare routine, is the incorporation and usage of sunblock for face in every routine. Even to this day with the influence of skincare in the market being so strong, so many individuals still do not use a sunblock for face in their routines. This is why I always like to bring up the topic of why it's so important to use SPF daily.

UV Rays & Skin Aging
Have you ever wondered why makeup brands now include spf in their products? That’s because the UV rays from the sun cause 90%+ of the skins aging. The less protection you have from the sun included with the amount you expose yourself to the sun can quite literally speed up the aging process. Meaning, you will look older, faster. So if you want maintain your youthful look, the simplest step to take to preserve your appearance is to add a proper sunblock for face into your morning routine.
Top 3 Rated Sunblock for Face
Now that we understand the importance of using spf daily (yes, even in the winter), it’s time to get to know the top choices for spf that you can add to your morning routine.
Klairs Mid Day Blue Sun Lotion SPF 40 PA++

This sun lotion has quickly climbed its way to the top charts. Its formula is specifically designed to be most suitable for those who has sensitive skin. Having a combination of both physical and chemical spf, it delivers the skin with advanced UV ray protection without the risk of skin irritation or clogged pores. Along with protection, this sunblock for face also contains rich skincare. Loaded with skin repairing ingredients and antioxidants, making it a perfect day cream alternative.

COSRX Aloe Soothing Sun Cream SPF50+ PA+++

This sun cream is second in the ranks, being gentle enough for sensitive skin due to its mild formula, it’s no wonder why sensitive skin suffers love it. Formulated with aloe and both physical and chemical protection, this spf works to keep the skin cool and hydrated throughout your day with a lovely moisture surge! If you want an spf that will be your day cream for dry sensitive skin, then look no further than this sunblock for face.

SKIN&LAB Fre C Sun Lotion SPF50+ PA++++

If you’re looking for a sunblock for face that is lightweight, feels fresh on the skin, hydrating and highly protective, then this is the one for you! Formulated with antioxidant care and gentle hydrating ingredients, this spf will invigorate your skin while delivering chemical spf protection, making suitable for both women and men with a light as air feeling, making it a great finishing topper on your day cream.

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