The Best Exfoliator for Acne That Will Change Your Skin Game!

April 26, 2018 | By Wendy Kim
Back with our 2nd ‘Monthly Pick’! We will select one product once every month on Wishtrend and share you all the juicy goodness about the product! The basic but also the smart using tips of the products so that you can enjoy them in a greater level and in a more effective way for better results!
Exfoliating. We have this thing with exfoliation. A love and hate relationship. We know so well how much exfoliation is important for our skin and what goodness it does to our skin but at the same time, it’s not the easiest skin care for us to do. From choosing the right exfoliator for our skin, to properly and effectively exfoliating our skin up to the level that it doesn’t irritate our skin. Especially when it comes to acne skin, exfoliating becomes even more crucial but even tougher at the same time. Realizing this concern that you have, By Wishtrend has come up with a game changer in exfoliation.

By Wishtrend Mandelic Acid Water? The Best Exfoliator for Acne!
The item for our 2nd ‘Monthly Pick’ is the [BY WISHTREND] Mandelic Acid 5% Skin Prep Water!

1. Texture
The biggest reason why people fall in love with Mandelic Acid Water is thanks to its watery, toner-like texture. When we think of exfoliators, it’s easy to think about physical exfoliators such as scrubs, products with particles which are harsh on the skin. However, focusing on a gentle exfoliating ingredient, By Wishtrend has introduced a chemical exfoliating item that you can exfoliate your skin without rubbing off your face but instead give you the same sensation you have when using a toner. The very watery and not sticky texture leaves the skin feeling at ease and makes it easy to be absorbed into the skin. And this is one of many reasons why it makes it a best exfoliator for acne skin as well.

2. Ingredient
Of course we have to talk about ingredients when it comes to exfoliating. Ingredient is one of the most important factor when it comes to choosing an exfoliating product. Among chemical exfoliating ingredients, AHA is one of the most popular ingredient that helps with effective exfoliation. But even among AHA, there are different ingredients and it varies according to where it’s extracted from and the size of particles. So what makes Mandelic Acid one of the most attractive AHA ingredient? Compared to Glycolic Acid and Citric acid, it penetrates the least into the skin so that it doesn’t irritate the skin but still effectively removes unnecessary dead skin cells and dirt off from the face. That is why it makes it a great exfoliator for all skin types including acne prone and sensitive skin!

*If you want to see detailed story about the detailed benefit of [BY WISHTREND] Mandelic Acid 5% Skin Prep Water,, click here or the image above.

3. The Basic ‘How to Use’
It’s simple. Use it like you use a toner. You can apply it using your hands but like you use a cotton pad when applying toner, if you incorporate a cotton pad it will make exfoliating more effective. That is why By Wishtrend has come up with a Multi-Function Cotton Pad that will work perfectly with the Mandelic Acid Water. It will make the application much easier and make your gentle exfoliation more effective. Then which step should I use it?
4. 'How to Use’ for Different Skin Types
Since exfoliating becomes a different story for different skin types, take a look at how to use Mandelic Acid Water most effectively for your skin type! You would want to use different types of cotton pads and control the amount according to your skin and preference!

If you want to see detailed basic how to use of the [BY WISHTREND] Mandelic Acid 5% Skin Prep Water,click here or the image above.

1) Oily Skin
2) Sensitive Skin
3) Dry Skin
4) Acne Prone Skin

5. Real Reviews
Take a look at some of the real reviews that actual users of the [BY WISHTREND] Mandelic Acid 5% Skin Prep Water left!

AMAZING!! I have super sensitive acne prone skin and it’s very hard for me to find items that won’t break me out. I was using a lactic and salicylic acid cream and it was breakimg me out badly, so when I saw this on YouTube I had to give it a try. I absolutely love it! It doesn’t sting, it doesn’t cause redness, and my bumpy skin is smoothing out very nicely! It also works great at killing acne! Please give this a try, it’s worth the price. -Grace F*******

HIGHLY EFFECTIVE EVEN FOR SENSITIVE SKIN I've only used it twice since I got it and I can really see the difference! My closed comedones have significantly reduced in size and number. It's not as bumpy anymore on the areas where I have cc's so I'm planning on using it every other day from now on to see better results. I usually have sensitive skin but this product didn't irritate my skin at all, considering it's an acid and I feel like I would be able to use this every other day.. -Mia N*****

GAME CHANGER I've been using this p4oduct for over a month now and i can tell that everytime i use this the following steps are alot more absorbed to my skin. I use this 2-3x a week and my acne scars are fading it does take some time but it is working. i even use this for my back and arm since i am currently suffering from body acne and i can say it does help the skin turn over. dm. -Maria a***


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