Korean Anti Aging Secrets for Looking Younger than Your Age!

April 13, 2018 | By Wendy Kim
Asia is very well known for its anti aging secrets especially when it comes to skin. And I guess one of the most popular countries even among Asian countries is, Korea. A lot of Koreans get asked about the tips and secrets to looking younger than their age. When it comes to ageless and elastic skin, some will find find the answer in lifestyle, healthy, food ,habits and etc. But only when you are familiar with some of the ingredients that will help with anti aging, your skin will be able to present itself in its best condition and help.

Find Korean Anti Aging Secrets in Rice!
We are constantly being introduced with a wide range of anti aging products and treatments but there is one of the most beloved ingredients that Asian countries including Korea always goes back to. Rice. Of course it is such a familiar ingredient in our meals and along with the health benefits that has, the skin care benefits of rice is beyond pleasing. And especially if anti aging care is what you are looking for, better take a closer look.
Just a short list of some of the skin benefits of RICE:
  • antioxidants
  • detox pores
  • exfoliates skin
  • removes blackheads
  • birghtening effect
  • removes impurities on skin
  • skin nourishment
  • works great for dry, oily and sensitive skin
Add a Rice Mask in Your Routine!
There are many different ways to incorporate rice in your skin care and you must have heard about Korean ladies cleansing their face with rice water before. You can definitely incorporate rice as a toner (from rice water), oil (from rice bran oil) and the list can go on but one of the most simple but effective way is to add a rice mask in your skin care routine.

Why so? Mask is a skin care product that can help you experience the most instant but also when used for a long term, an overall improvement on skin. Especially, considering the benefits of rice listed above, rice mask with rice powder will effectively cleanse out the pores, tightens pores (improving elasticity) and of course gives hydrating and brightening care.

4 Basic Skin Care Steps with Rice Mask for Anti Aging!
Then the question you might be asking is 'how can I create an anti aging skin care routine with a rice mask?'. It's very simple. Like any other skin care, after cleansing start with toner and then add the rice mask in the second step, continue with a anti aging serum with key ingredients and finish it up with a moisturizer.

Watch the full video about "50 Years Old Korean Beauty Who Looks 20 Reveals Her Secrets to Staying Young Naturally | WishtrendTV”

4 Step Korean Anti Aging Skin Care
Like shown in the video, 4 steps is all you need to give the skin a daily anti aging care. And 7 days is all you need to actually see the difference in your elasticity of your skin!
Step1. Toner

Step2. Rice Mask

Step3. Anti Aging Serum

Step4. Moisturizer

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