6 Ways to Take Care of Pimples on Face Caused by Hormones Like a Pro!

April 11, 2018 | By Wendy Kim
Wishtrend TV vs Acne:: Considering that there are different types of acne, Wishtrend TV has come up with a new series called ‘Wishtrend TV vs Ance’ where we share tips and tutorials on how to deal with different types of acne.
Pimples! There are so many reasons why we get pimples on face. Among many different factors, hormones is one of the most common force behind breakouts and acne. When we hit puberty, when we are experiencing menstruation period or when we are going through stress (and etc..), we are hit with pimples on face, hormonal acne! But hormones is not what we have full control on and we know that it’s best to not mess with hormones in any way...
"How to Cure Hormonal Acne : Lifestyle & Skincare Tips! | Wishtrend TV VS ACNE”

Watch the full video about "How to Cure Hormonal Acne : Lifestyle & Skincare Tips! | Wishtrend TV VS ACNE”: To learn in detail about hormonal acne from its' types to some of the key factors to consider to take care of them, check out the video before you get product recommendations below!

How can we take care of pimples on face like a pro?

Now that you are aware of the relationship between hormones and acne and some of the major rules to consider, we would like to give more specific product recommendations that will help you to overcome pimples on face! Remember the following rules and consider what to look for when choosing your skin care items when you are struggling with hormonal acne.
1) Efficient cleansing
Efficient and thorough cleansing is what's always on the list of skincare rules no matter what skin concerns you may have. Cleansing is so crucial since it is what will decide how much effective your skin care routine will work on your skin. Especially if acne is your concern, thorough but gentle cleansing is so important. Remember to cleanse with a cleanser that does not strip away moisture off from the skin. And for gentle cleansing, try cleansing using your fourth fingers.

2) Toner with AHA Ingredient
If you are struggling with acne, you might be very familar with the ingredient AHA. Exfoliation is one of the key to get clear skin (not excessively though). This not only helps skin cell turnovers but also removes any unecessary dead skin cells off from the face so that your pores won't get clogged. But when we have acne, who would want harsh exfoliation? Look for AHA in toner products! In this way, you would be able to exfoliate without irritation.

3) Scars are preventable
Extracting pimples on face at home has become something many are familiar with now (only if you have the proper tools ready). But what many are forgetting the step which will change your skin game. Don't just leave the extracted area bare open but make sure to add a barrier that will not only heal your scars but also prevent further scarring and pigmentation. Some ingredients that you would want to remember to prevent scarring is 'centella asiatica' (some know it by 'gotu-kola').

4) Play smart with toner
No one misses the toner step after cleansing. But the question is how wise are you about choosing the toner that will do its job on your skin most effectively? Remember 3 words when choosing a toner (additional to 'ingredients'): 'hydrating', 'light' and 'buildable texture'. When you are hit with hormonal acne, you would never want to leave your skin feeling dry even for a second.

5) Cool it down
So what good does cooling down your skin temperature do good to help with pimples on face? Whenever the skin is sensitive and irritated thanks to acne, it is best to keep your skin temperature lower than usual. But we know that you can't do this by opening up a fridge. Get help from a cooling serum that will not only cool down your skin but also help with soothing whenever you are struggling with acne.

6) Calming ingredients
If you are struggling with pimples on face, ingredient list will be what you are most catious about. How well do you know about calming ingredients? Calming is a key to end your skincare when your skin has been irritated or inflammed with acne. 'Centella asiatica' (known as 'gotu kola' as well) is what you would want to keep in mind if you want to calm your skin.

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