Time to Start Korean Cruelty Free Skincare for Better You, Better Skin!

May 15, 2019 | By Wendy Kim
How many of you are familiar with the term ‘Cruelty-Free’ ?

We are seeing and hearing the word ‘cruelty-free’ here and there even more and there must be a reason why. So we now realize that it is something "good" and "positive", yet the question is, what value does it really have to be supportive of ‘cruelty-free’ products and to carry on a ‘cruelty-free’ lifestyle?

To celebrate Wishtrend’s 2nd ‘Cruelty-Free Week’, I wanted to take this time to help everyone have a better understanding of this term and hopefully encourage everyone to be more concious with their choices when it comes to skincare.
So, what is ‘Cruelty-Free’?
Cruelty-Free means a product is not tested on animals, be it by the manufacturers or a third party. Cruelty-Free International certifies cruelty-free products with a leaping bunny symbol.

Well, let’s not get confused with ‘Vegan’ products. When we say vegan, this means a product is free from animal-derived ingredients and this can include ingredients such as honey and snail slime that are derived from living animals.

So to put it simply, a product can be vegan but not cruelty-free or vice versa. (But the good news is that Wishtrend not only curates cruelty-free products but ‘vegan’ products as well!)
Wishtrend and Klairs have followed the steps of ‘Cruelty-Free’
klairs-sunscreen The very first ‘Cruelty-Free’ week kicked off on Wishtrend last year in May and with the amount of love and the excitement Wishtrenders have given, Wishtrend realized the value it had. It was the moment reassuring the value Wishtrend wished to pursue and the moment to actually witness how supportive and ready the customers are to hop on the journey to achieve 'cruelty-free' skincare and lifestyle.

The very first cruelty-free week on Wishtrend was a great way to not only help customers enjoy some of their favorite cruelty-free brands and products with less of a burden to their purse but also helped newcomers of 'cruelty-free' to have the chance to learn about it at ease.

And among the brands curated on Wishtrend, many’s favorite Klairs has reinforced through collaborating with a brand called ‘Pin Awakens’ and ‘Daeroo Coffee’ by kicking off the ‘Stay Beagley Project’. Instead of a skincare product, this time, they created a beagley badge to raise awareness of ‘cruelty-free’.
And now, Wishtrend is back with the 2nd Cruelty-Free Week!
Check out the video by clicking the image below

Details on Cruelty-Free Brand Promotion

Period: 5/15 - 5/29 2019 (CST)
Discount Rate: Up to 40% discount (for detailed information click here)
- Free Standard shipping over $50
- Free Expedited Shipping over 100$
- Free Gifts
For detailed information: click here
What makes this ‘Cruelty-Free’ week #good?
klairs-sunscreenThis year, Wishtrend has put their ‘cruelty-free’ week to the next level! Wishtrend curated a special package called #thegoodpackage which is a specifically curated skincare routine box consisting all of Wishtrend’s best selling and most reviewed products, and of course all CRUELTY-FREE PRODUCTS!

This is not all,

All the profit from this package will be donated to (HSI) Humane Society International! hsi works around the glove to promote the human-animal bond, protect stree animals, support farm animal welfare, stop wildlife abuse, eliminate painful animal testing, respond to natural disasters and confront cruelty to animals in all of its forms.

But remember that it is limited stock only, so if there's anyone who wishes to add 'good' value but also take 'good' care of your skin, don't miss it out!

“Good Brand, Good Products, Good Price for Good Cause.”
klairs-sunscreenSimple skincare routine using #thegoodpackage

1) Cleanse: With 1 pump of [By Wishtrend] Acid Duo 2% Gel Cleanser, cleanse your face with gentle massaging motions and rinse off with luke warm water.

2) Tone: After cleansing, with the [Klairs] Supple Preparation Facial Toner, prep the skin using cotton pads. Be gentle on the skin and tap in the remaining essence to the skin.

3) Serum: Apply 1-2 drops of [By Wishtrend] Pure Vitamin C 21.5 Advanced Serum to the entire face.

4) Moisturize: Squeeze a coin size of [Klairs] Rich Moist Soothing Cream to lock in the moisture.

5) Extra Care: Apply the sheet mask of your choice to give special calming or soothing care to the skin.

← Click on to the image to find out more details and benefits!
Top 5 List of What to Not Miss Out on This 'Cruelty-Free' Week!
Let me make your life easier and save your time! Here's top 5 list of products you would like to take a look at if you wish to make a successful splurge for your skin!

#1. The way to keep skin safe under the sun

Name: [Klairs] Soft Airy UV Essence
For who? Anyone who's looking for a light weight susncreen with no whitecast and essence like texture.
For more information: for details, click here

#2. 5 step holy grail for acne prone skin

Name: [By Wishtrend] Clear Skin Package
For who? Anyone struggling with acne prone skin and having a hard time to find a daily skincare routine that will not irritate or stimulate the skin.
For more information: for details, click here

#3. Vitamin C + Vitamin E is always right

Name: [By Wishtrend] 2 Step Vitamin Maximizing Set
For who? Anyone who need special Vitamin C care fro brightening, acne spots care or better skin texture. The duo of Vitamin C and Vitamin E to boost the effect of Vitamin C on the skin.
For more information: for details, click here

#4. Keep pores clean & clear with 3 steps

Name: [Klairs] 3 Step Gentle Deep Cleansing Set
For who? Anyone who has blackheads and escessive sebum. The 3 step cleansing routine that will cleanse the pores and exfoliate the skin yet won't stip off moisture barrier.
For more information: for details, click here

#5.Day & night solution for oily acne prone skin

Name: [Wish, Try, Love] Day & Night Oily Acne Prone Skin Care Box
For who? Anyone with not just acne prone skin but OILY acne prone skin! From cleansing to sheet mask, curation of effective yet gentle skin care produts to keep oil and acne under control.
For more information: for details, click here


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